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21 janvier 2022

A metaphor for many Arab regimes nowadays: 2+2=5🇮🇱🤫, otherwise 👮! Let’s never forget that Arab nations are 88%* to say 2+2=4🇵🇸 !

Expect Soon to see some Arab regimes making it illegal to be antizionist or criticize Israel! You don’t believe me? just wait and you will see it yourself! It’s going to be worse than what’s happening in the west in terms of persecution. It will become forbidden to criticize the supremacist, racist, fanatic politico-religious Zionist ideology. Many Arab regimes will move to the next stage of tyranny and become worse than the communist era in the USSR, or McCarthyism in the united states given the new technological tools given to them by the atlanto-zionist axis to silence their citizens, allowing them to do mass surveillance and censorship.

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20 janvier 2022

Des musulmans qui parlaient de messianisme américain etaient souvent accuses de complotisme! Voici donc nos amis chrétiens qui disent pareil et rejoignent l’eveil mondial ;) Un excellent entretien avec Nikola Mirkovic #InstitutStratpol

Ayant grandi aux Etats-Unis, l’auteur de ce livre Nicolas Mirkovic, croyait bien connaître ce pays jusqu’au jour où celui-ci s’est mis à bombarder le pays de son père : la Yougoslavie. Consterné, il a commencé à se renseigner et lire davantage sur l’histoire de ces USA qu’il j’aimait tant. Pendant de nombreuses années il a travaillé le sujet des Etats-Unis, de l’arrivée des colons jusqu’à la prise du Capitole par les partisans de Trump et découvert le côté obscur de l’Amérique, comment elle est devenue un Empire et pourquoi elle est peut-être en train de se détruire.

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17 janvier 2022

إسرائيلية تسخر من التطبيع مع الإمارات بأغنية « لو كل العرب زي دبي »The Israeli artist Noam Shuster-Eliassi mocks normalization with the UAE with the song « If all Arabs are like Dubai »

Israeli comedian Noam Schuster mocked Israeli-Arab normalization, especially with the UAE, through a song saying that Israel got Arabs’ money and made them forget the Palestinian cause. The artist mocked normalization, saying in her song, which she performed mostly in Arabic and broadcast on the Israeli « Kan » channel: « At the end of the tunnel is light… If all the Arabs are like Dubai… they loved (Israel is alive)… they wouldn’t throw us in water… There is no way It is sweeter than Arabs with millions of them..and they forgot a people who are victims of crimes.. they forgot Palestine. »

She continued to say that « eliminating Arabs’ consciousness, Israel is happy to have Dubai forgetting about the blockade of Gaza, » ending her song saying « if only all Arabs were like those of Dubai. » The comedian, who speaks Arabic fluently and often posts on social media in support of equal rights for Palestinians.

Source RT Arabic

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14 janvier 2022

I repeat it publicly since 2014, NATO (Atlanto-Zionist axis) wants to encircle and sink Russia, China & countries which are still independent and who resist it’s dominion agenda

The events are not expected to happen in 25 or 50 years, it’s coming sooner than what you might think folks, time to be realistic about it and counter the warmongers narratives. Corrupt elites advance their agenda because the masses are often naïve, passive and ignorant. Dumbing down the people, locking up their intellectuals, harassing re-information, all of this is part of the same current agenda. And the vicious globalist system that lives from it has no future.

Announced 20 Years in advance! This is real scholarship, Read this book Hussein, I. N. (2002). Jerusalem in the Qur’an.
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7 janvier 2022

Russia indisputably conducts the best foreign policy nowadays & demonstrates great wisdom, spiritual intelligence and an excellent geopolitical vision! #ChristianOrthodoxRussia🇷🇺 #CпасибоРоссия

Should Russia Invade eastern Ukraine now to make sure no one will put NATO nukes on it’s borders? Or Wait until Ukraine joins NATO and then invokes the article 5 of NATO collective defense putting Russia between a Rock and a hard place, because if Russia responds afterwards it would mean world war 3! NATO has nothing to do on Russian borders, it’s a warmongering Zionist alliance!

Ministry of Defence 🇬🇧 on Twitter: "''Article 5 of the NATO treaty means  that violence against one Ally is treated as violence against every  member''. #WeAreNATO" / Twitter
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6 janvier 2022

I respect the smart patriotic Americans who understand & dare to defend the truth! They are rare, but they exist! Israel is pushing humanity to Armageddon for the sake of it’s fanatic religious dreams #HumanityIsFedUpWithZionistWars

Retired US General Lawrence Wilkerson said that Israel won’t exist as a state in 20 years because it is delegitimizing itself as an apartheid state and that Israel is « the most likely state in the world to take the United States to Armageddon »
Ken’O Keefe brilliant speech! Ken renounced his U.S citizenship after his service as a Marine in the U.S Army
Saudi arabia is the creation of the atlanto-zionist axis (Britain created Al saoud regime), and radical Wahhabism was used to spread violence and prepare the ground for Israel to expand while staining the image of Islam as a religion and governance system! The Western secret services and several Arab secret services participated in these crimes at the request of the West (Remember the ex French minister Roland Dumas confession?). It was no accident, but a satanic geopolitical plan designed to destroy the part of the Arab world refusing Zionism for the benefit of Israel. Russia, Syria and Iran thwarted this agenda at the right time! Now that the NATO’s backed terrorists failed, the mainstream media want to market it as a sectarian conflict between sunis and shia or a Russian aggression ! It was all for Israel, since day 1! Now the same forces are fueling sectarian hate against Iran to prepare millions of naïve Arab minds to fight Iran for the benefit of the Israeli messianic dreams! You will find behind this hasbara the same players.

You can read here the document « A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties » By Oded Yinon

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1 janvier 2022

Happy New Year 2022🥳🥳🥳& God Bless Palestine 🇵🇸! We are millions to observe & clearly understand the objectives around the holy land & persist to prioritize Palestine as the unique, most sacred, fair case to solve if humanity seeks peace!

Palestine is the only compass for those who seek to understand the hidden/latent forces pulling the strings behind the curtains of global geopolitics. Using deception as a tool will yield bad outcomes for those who are driving mankind towards chaos!

The present vanishing geopolitical order who falsely pretends to defend justice/human rights can put thousands of thinkers on their censorship and security watchlists, harass independent academics and intellectuals behind the curtains, cyber-spy on them 24/7 and initiate hidden warfare to silence them (Canary Mission, backlisting, etc.), it will not change their convictions about the righteousness of what they defend. Freedom of speech in the west is a myth when it comes to serious topics. Fake freedom is not freedom.

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25 décembre 2021

While « some Arab press » pushes towards the forced westernization of peoples, let us recall 3 major errors about #Christmas! #CulturalBrainwashing

I have deep sympathy and respect for Christians around the world. Having lived and worked with them for years, I took the time to learn more about their culture, values ​​and I have great respect for them. Despite this respect and this precaution that I take at the beginning so as not to offend any sensitivity, I never wanted to become a carbon copy of other people way of life without understanding and I took the time to form an independent opinion. So why I’m not interested in having a Christmas tree in my home? Or Drink Champaign as a sign of « modernity » or being « cool »?

Unfortunately, third world countries like those of the Arab world are under pressure by hidden forces and there is always an inferiority complex of their elites, intellectuals, the media, where they always seek to copy and promote the way of life of others and foreign values ​​as standard of progress and modernity. This is part of the post-colonial alienation and brainwashing where they don’t have enough confidence in themselves to defend their values and identity. I see continuous efforts to promote strange values in eastern societies by the authorized media (free press is in jails) and it becomes dangerous to counter or expose the falsehood of such narratives, because some Arab regimes portray anyone who question such policies as an enemy of their interests🤡, maybe accusing him of being intolerant🤡, promoting foreign agendas🤡, and maybe being behind the global warming🤡, the HIV disease🤡, world hunger, etc.🤡 and the list of ridiculous accusations is very long inside a collapsing Arab world.

So here is a brief historical reminder about the Christmas tradition: ⬇️

1- The date of Christmas is probably wrong! First the date of birth of the prophet Jesus Christ is not known. It can be January 7 like in orthodox Russia or December 25th like in the West. Moreover, when the holy virgin Mary gave birth she did so during a hot season and not during the cold. The Qur’an indicates that she gave birth under a palm tree and where dates were available. So it was definitely not the winter season.

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23 décembre 2021

Censorship on western owned media and social networks continues and gives evidence that humanity lives inside a planetary dystopia! Free speech becomes a myth when you dare to expose the real power/agenda!

Western media regulators (OFCOM UK, CSA France, German media regulators, U.S Department of state), western social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter closes accounts/channels of countries/individuals the atlanto-zionist axis dislikes or wants to censor. Many documented cases like tv channels from latin america, Persian media, Russian outlets, Chinese media, independent journalists, intellectuals, etc. are permanently banned from the western media/digital ecosystem sometimes without evidence of a breach of terms. The objective is to keep the masses asleep and hearing only one narrative without contradiction or debate. Facebook for example, declared that they comply with 90% of the Israeli government requests to delete accounts and remove content, groups and pages and this how they try to silence Palestinians, but they are failing miserably, since internet escapes the vertical control of information. They use two arguments to justify it: they say that it’s meant to protect people (because anything they don’t like is labeled hate) and to fight against false information (because they do not lie and have a long history of correctness and truth). If others do the same, they will be labeled horrible repressive dictatorships violating the right to inform people. Isn’t that a « funny democratic dystopia »?

I collected here a tiny sample with some examples to understand the extent of censorship and it’s happening on a global scale:

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16 décembre 2021

After 20 years of perpetual wars on Muslim countries, Is the U.S trying to rebrand it’s deplorable image and seduce Muslims to fight on it’s side in a prospective world war 3? Is this a bis-repetita of WW2 with Russia, China & Iran marketed as the « new nazis »?

Before starting, since we live in a world where brainwashing of the masses is so intense that I’m forced to recall certain oratorical precautions with regard to my readers before addressing the topic. I would like to remind them that I have many friends and people that I had the pleasure to meet and know in the United States and Europe and that my text does not concern the millions of Americans/Europeans who love their countries, who are honest citizens and whom I respect. I point here the government and it’s hawkish foreign policies and the geopolitical orientations of the deep-state and not the average joe. Now that it’s done, let’s move on.

The sudden and obscure change in American foreign policy, which has been very aggressive for the past two decades against the Muslim world, calls into question its real objectives. Whether it is the left democratic party or the right republican wing, we know, that they are two wings of the same system. Trump did things vulgarly without hiding, while Biden goes through the leftist veneer of human rights while continuing on the same agenda in the service of the Atlanto-Zionist vision and which has messianic terminal objectives.

The one million dollar question is: why such laws now pretending to care about Muslims? Why trying to stand with human rights while most of the allies (vassals) of the united states in the Arab world are ferocious dictatorships? Why trying to change the image of the Muslim world after countless Hollywood movies portraying them as bloodthirsty terrorists, people living in backwardness, presenting them as intolerant beings, marketing them in mainstream media as dumb/uneducated and labeling their discourse as fanatic/radical when it doesn’t fit the empire’s agenda and views. What changed and why now?

Well, maybe the empire prepares the minds and hearts because it needs to recruit soldiers to go and fight against Russia, China and Iran. The US real policy makers probably need to use the « less educated » fringe of the Muslim world as a geopolitical weapon against the three remaining opponents, as they did in the past in Afghanistan, Chechenia, The middle east and several parts around the globe. The media are working 24/7 to change the priorities in the Arab/Muslim mental maps, here are the updated recurrent themes used to brainwash the masses daily:

  • Russia becomes bad because it’s saved Syria from the western backed terrorists who failed to destroy the Syrian regime? Russia is expansionist, because it took back Crimea, a territory that historically belongs to Russia and it’s only maritime base in hot waters allowing it’s naval fleet to project nuclear dissuasion.
  • China becomes a monster because « it oppresses » the Uyghur Muslim minority? China « oppresses » Taiwan, a territory which belonged to the Chinese people since the Ming Dynasty in the 16 century.
  • And finally, Iran sponsors Palestine and refuses to bow to Zionism, which is a major sin and threatens the « peace seeking » Arab regimes (i.e.: Israel’s new allies). The middle east geopolitical map, MUST be entirely changed to be « Israeli compatible »! Even if 88% of the Arab people continue to reject normalization with Israel according to an opinion poll in 2020, these nations don’t have their word to say according to the « American double Standards ».

Given the meteoric growth of China and Russia in recent years, and especially given their alliance considered to be the most important geopolitical event of the last two centuries, the declining West is facing a serious threat for the first time of its history! Let alone Iran, growing scientifically 11 times faster than the world average and surpassing Israel in terms of scientific output despite 40 years of sanctions. For the first time, we are witnessing an organized, disciplined and resolved bloc not willing to bow down to the western axis and it’s Israeli agenda. I will never forget the speech of Foreign Minister (and ex CIA director) Michael Pompeo when he described what’s happening as holy wars and started talking about the rapture! Nor the support of Biden who said that if Israel did not exist, he would have invented it! I sympathize with those who don’t want to understand and call it a conspiracy theory, the wary eye won’t let go such declarations unnoticed.

We will therefore hear more and more « Abrahamic shared values » in the face of a common threat! We will see the adoption of laws claiming to deliver protection to Muslims in the face of the premeditated rise of racist movements and far right speeches in the West, etc. But we have to remain silent about who is behind the racist discourse of Eric Zemmour in France? Who owns the media in the west and fueled the right wing narratives during the last decade? Who exaggerated the migrants crisis narrative in the media while only one single country in the whole western bloc is ranked among the top 10 countries who give shelter to refugees!?

They slap you with the right hand, while pretending to pet you with the left!

In conclusion, as a citizen of the world who has lived in the West, seen and understood what is going on, I cannot see such disdain and vulgar manipulations and keep silent as if I do not understand them. I thank heavenly providence for having sent Christian Orthodox Russia, proud and nationalist China and the determined Islamic Republic of Iran to be a counter-power to the agenda that some want to impose on mankind.

I don’t forget also that, the indigenous people who fought during the second world war for France and the west see nowadays their children living under systemic racism, permanent mediatic harassment, ingratitude and many of their countries of origin are still hostages under the control/looting of the same system they sought to defend naively in the past. The movie « Days of Glory », « Indigenes » reminds us those untrustworthy alliances.

The same scenario was used during the first world war to dismantle the Turkish Muslim empire via manipulated Arab insurrections to deliver Palestine to Britain, then to create Israel. It’s time to remind the decision makers in NATO that their atlanto-zionist messianic « dreams » are seen as a « nightmare » by billions worldwide seeking to live in peace! It’s a deceptive, violent and chaotic project doomed to fail.


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13 décembre 2021

#BloombergReport: Israeli company NSO Group is considering shutting down its Pegasus spyware product and selling the entire company! So panicking started?

In the digital world, any system is vulnerable and any security encryption can be potentially decrypted/intercepted and the 0 flaw does not exist because the operating systems are designed with backdoors/exploits for remote monitoring, let alone the hardware vulnerabilities and the metadata that record many tiny details (How, for example, does Israeli occupation recognize the Palestinians who took part in a demonstration and send them intimidating messages to dissuade them from doing so? The location data of the smartphone? Triangulation by GSM antennas? So thanks for the metadata). The NSO firm must certainly panic now that it realizes that it has been possibly complicit in major human rights violations and probably state crimes worldwide and that sooner or later international trials will take place to hold NSO and its potential clients to account. The violation of privacy and the secrecy of correspondence (whether physical or digital) is protected by legal mechanisms in every country and internationally, especially to restrain despotic regimes from misusing them to harm innocent citizens and manufacture bogus cases or terrorize the civil society. For example, an Arab country among the users of such technologies has more than 60000 political prisoners arrested by the political police according to Hareetz. These cyber-weapons manufactured by the atlanto-zionist military industry like (BAE systems, NSO, Amesys, Deep Packet Inspection systems and others) are directly complicit in documented state crimes committed against the civil society, journalists and simple citizens. It’s a matter of time, but it’s sure that justice shall be served.

12 décembre 2021

Extraits de -l’amour, tolerance et de la paix- qui débordent du projet messianique atlanto-sioniste! 🤦‍👌

Moise Zemmour, derniere trouvaille de l’oligarchie aux commandes, travaille a detourner la colere populaire legitime d’origine socio-politique, en un conflit ethnico-religieux avec le choc des civilisations comme doxa. Le musulman serait designe comme l’ennemi et la source des maux, en appelant indirectement a des neo-croisades (au service de qui ?). C’est vulgaire, mesquin et mediocre mais ca fait partie d’une vision messianique et apocalyptique qui emane de sa tradition et qu’il omet de rappeler au peuple francais, a coup d’emotionnel, de cliches, de discours nauseabonds sans jamais recourir a la raison qui demasquerait vite l’assimilation/dissimulation d’un communautarisme sioniste militant. Par exemple, on pourrait lui rappeler les musulmans qui vivent en Russie avec les chretiens orthodoxes depuis 1200 ans et sans subir d’inquisition comme lors de la reconquista en europe occidentale, ou un harcelement quotidien (Racisme d’etat structurel promu) comme dans certains pays occidentaux pour les stigmatiser/harceler 24/7. Ces musulmans toujours accuses, suspectes et criminalises sans leur donner de droit de reponse dans des medias largement sous controle d’une minorite agissante (Si on a le droit de theoriser sur l’islamisation des banlieues, par quelle logique on nous empecherait de reflechir a la question de judaisation des medias?). On peut aussi questionner la coexistence paisible des musulmans dans plusieurs pays en asie, afrique et amerique latine avec d’autres religions et ethnies. Monsieur Zemmour Eric et ses vicieux sponsors en coulisses, paniquent face a une montee d’un contre discours qui detecte et denonce ces stratagemes, et confirme l’echec du controle oligarchique sur internet et la censure. Cette equipe Zemourisee tente donc une utlime fuite en avant pour sauver les meubles, une mini-option Samson. Ceux qui cherchent a attiser les conflits et les haines par mensonges, perdent toujours, l’humanite merite la paix juste. Ecoutons un peu ce que nous reserve la tradition messianique qui semble nourrir la matrice mentale et valeurs ideologiques de Mr. Zemmour et comparons avec ses declarations/orientations politiques.

Où sont les médias / think tanks pour nous expliquer / nous montrer la conception messianique talmudo-sioniste de « la paix » et en quoi le projet sioniste est au cœur de cet agenda apocalyptique ?

3 étapes géopolitiques ont été prédites dans l’eschatologie, que les textes ont annonce depuis des siecles. C’est quoi la prochaine etape d’escroquerie ? Justifier la destruction d’Al Aqsa et construire le 3eme temple au nom du neo-abrahamisme ? Et que personne ne s’y trompe, certains, comme le temple institute poussent deja dans cette direction, et refuser un tel projet sera probablement interdit par des lois de censure a juridiction mondiale au nom du politiquement correct (enfin j’entends par ca les territoires occupes directement ou par proxy , le bloc qui leur resiste ne se soumettra pas a cet agenda).
9 décembre 2021

INSANITY: The U.S foreign policies are made of foolish, lethal, fanatic messianic views threatening humanity #WW3

8 décembre 2021

Biden Targets China, Independent Nations with Sham Democracy Summit #DeliberateStigmatization #Dystopia

“This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.”🤡🤡🤡
7 décembre 2021

Respect to the students and Palestine supporters who had the dignity and courage to reject the whitewashing of colonialism done by the ambassador of the apartheid entity! #LSE #Harvard

This is how we recognize brilliant people! A critical mind and the courage to refuse to submit or to compromise with injustice and oppression! Similar episodes have taken place in the world’s most prestigious institutions confirming an international awakening and rejection of Israeli propaganda (Remember the Harvard episode-you can see some footage below-). This is why Israel is pushing censorship regulations like the IHRA text to silence students, intellectuals and the academic world and offer coverage to the Israeli colonial crimes! It will not pass! Humanity always ends up rebelling against usurpation, censorship and falsehood. I’m highly confident and optimistic about the future because I see the qualitative leap in consciousness happening worldwide. The future elites are breaking free from the continuous cultural and mass media brainwashing, and this is how societies get prepared for change! The Zionist century is coming to an end and it’s going to happen on a global scale.