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23 décembre 2014

Top Ten Articles in 2014 #Marketing-Thema #MSI #2014_retrospective

Which MSI articles were most-read in 2014? Here’s the top ten list (in order of number of views).

  1. Lifestyle Branding: The New Frontier of Competitive Differentiation
    Focusing on lifestyle puts brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Harley-Davidson, Gillette, Puma, and Facebook in direct competition with one another, says Northwestern’s Alex Chernev.
  2. 5 Things I Know About Marketing – Adobe CMO Ann Lewnes
    Ann Lewnes talks about creativity, testing, and the important role of judgment in marketing.
  3. Is Your Brand a « Partner, » a « Best Friend » or a « Secret Affair » for Your Customers?
    Brand relationships come in all shapes and sizes, says Boston University’s Susan Fournier. So why do marketers focus on loyal brand “marriages

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