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20 juillet 2015

How Some Of The Best Marketers Are Using Analytics To Create A Competitive Advantage #Marketingthema

Two of the hottest topics today, from the classroom to the boardroom, are Big Data and Analytics. There is a recognition that firms that do a better job of collecting, assimilating, analyzing, and using data have a built-in advantage versus their competitors. Yet, if your firm doesn’t have a competency in analytics, it’s difficult to figure out how to create one.

To better understand how companies can become more adept at leveraging analytics to improve decision making, I turned to Gopi Koteeswaran, the CEO at LatentView Analytics, a firm that specializes in helping CMOs at many Fortune 500 companies bridge the gap between the old and new analytics disciplines. What follows is an in-depth look at how best-in-class firms are leveraging the power of analytics to create advantage.

Q: How do you define analytics and how is it different from big data, marketing research, and other related concepts?

Data analytics, simply put, is the use of data to understand your consumer or business better. The data that you need to sort through and analyze can be of different sizes.When there is a lot of it, we call it Big Data.

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