14 janvier 2022

I repeat it publicly since 2014, NATO (Atlanto-Zionist axis) wants to encircle and sink Russia, China & countries which are still independent and who resist it’s dominion agenda

The events are not expected to happen in 25 or 50 years, it’s coming sooner than what you might think folks, time to be realistic about it and counter the warmongers narratives. Corrupt elites advance their agenda because the masses are often naïve, passive and ignorant. Dumbing down the people, locking up their intellectuals, harassing re-information, all of this is part of the same current agenda. And the vicious globalist system that lives from it has no future.

Announced 20 Years in advance! This is real scholarship, Read this book Hussein, I. N. (2002). Jerusalem in the Qur’an.
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14 janvier 2022

Jesus Christ⛪🕌, prophet, free soul & reformer, was hunted down by the establishment (roman empire🦅) after the continuous pressure/incitement of the Deep-State (❓🤫)! 2000 years later, Bis Repetita?

Are the moral values preached by Jesus Christ alive or even tolerated today? Who tries to enslave humanity inside an illogical cultural ecosystem? Who enforces and imposes strange societal laws and who decides where to put the red lines? Why all the globe seems to go towards the same direction? Is it an agenda or another « coincidence »?

The best way to honor the prophet Jesus Christ is to remind people the values he stood for. The Holy Coran cited the prophet Jesus more than the beloved prophet Mohammed peace be upon him to remind mankind in times of darkness that it’s the same moral message and Muslims also wait for his return! Today humanity lives in it’s one of the most deceptive, corrupt and darkest ages, where injustice, decadence and falsehood are dominant and under the control of an oppressive global order. If the Christ comes back, he will be probably put on some global security watchlist as a a dangerous subversive threat to the establishment values and interests.

The deep state will incite against his moral values again saying it’s intolerance, and his rejection of usury and fake money as backwardness and the media will spend the day stigmatizing him and his followers and demonizing them as cavemen incapable of embracing the fruits of modernity. They would probably be banned, censored everywhere in the name of « peace, common prosperity under falsehood, political correctness and a fake conception of humanism where decadence is seen as the new standard of human emancipation ».

Despite the cultural brainwashing, the hasbara and unlike Lady Gaga’s clips filled with mysterious occult signs, we don’t forget or approve Juda’s messy behavior! We stand with Moses, Jesus Christ and The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them in rejecting the values of the Novus ordo seclorum.

Which « Forthcoming Nicolae » can be compatible with the values of the present world order? Some may be tempted to say that the movie « Left Behind » was a documentary!

14 janvier 2022

The Biggest Mistake Of Saudi Arabia & The Mountain Of Gold (The Bogus Petrodollar Monetary System)!

What a legendary passage of the great scholar Imran N. Hossein: « In a world filled with donkeys all you have to do is write checks (print paper money). You could buy all the oil of Saudi Arabia free of charge »


Here is the same analysis conducted by the financial expert Marin Katusa! Arabs are being looted from their resources and condemned to live under the boots of oppression and all they get is paper! Which TV channel will show you that or explain to you this big monetary Ponzi? None!

I had some good friends in the US, but what I’m saying here is about their economic system, and many of them acknowledge that it’s a Ponzi looting other nations and start waking up. America is printing paper currency and importing for free, goods, services, workforce without any tangible counterpart. This printing is used not for the welfare of Americans or humanity, but for a permanent warfare.

Those who are not ready to listen to it then too bad for them, I chose academia to be intellectually free and not to be a public servant who presents PowerPoint and writes papers in an obscure language. The leitmotiv of my life is to follow the steps of the Mahdi Al Mandjra through the call for intellectual, economic, political and cultural emancipation from the myths of the globalist order that I have understood enough after years of living within it. I know that the « deep state » behind the curtains and their vassals put intellectually independent people on watch lists « human rights is myth for the hypnotized ». But, that doesn’t bother me, everyone is in their role after all. Many dictators are sponsored, whitewashed and armed by this globalist imperial system while millions of innocent people live in misery, persecution and wars. It’s time to say it loudly and denounce the head of the system not the insignificant tentacles.

13 janvier 2022

What is Sysrev For? Literature Review & Data Curation

12 janvier 2022

Décryptage de l’attaque de l’Uemoa, la Cedeao et la France contre le peuple malien ! Merci a Nathalie Yamb pour sa clairvoyance et fine lecture geopolitique! Solidarite avec le Mali 🇲🇱

Alors que la Russie et la Chine viennent de bloquer la résolution présentée par la France visant à faire endosser les sanctions ouest africaines par l’ONU, Nathalie Yamb décrypte l’attaque de l’Uemoa, la Cedeao et la France contre le peuple du Mali. Que va-t-il se passer maintenant?

12 janvier 2022

Launching the Institute for Replication (I4R)

The post was originally published By Abel Brodeur, on the website replicationnetwork.com

Replication is key to the credibility and confidence in research findings. As falsification checks of past evidence, replication efforts contribute in essential ways to the production of scientific knowledge. They allow us to assess which findings are robust, making science a self-correcting system, with major downstream effects on policy-making. Despite these benefits, reproducibility and replicability rates are surprisingly low, and direct replications rarely published. Addressing these challenges requires innovative approaches in how we conduct, reward, and communicate the outcomes of reproductions and replications.

That is why we are excited to announce the official launch of the Institute for Replication (I4R), an institute working to improve the credibility of science by systematically reproducing and replicating research findings in leading academic journals. Our team of collaborators supports researchers and aims to improve the credibility of science by

– Reproducing, conducting sensitivity analysis and replicating results of studies published in leading journals.

– Establishing an open access website to serve as a central repository containing the replications, responses by the original authors and documentation.

– Developing and providing access to educational material on replication and open science.

– Preparing standardized file structure and code and documentation aimed at facilitating reproducibility and replicability by the broader community.

Read more from the source here

12 janvier 2022

R & Python – Introduction to Natural Language Processing, by Dr. Erin M. Buchanan

12 janvier 2022

While Christian Russia inaugurates the largest mosque in Europe in a gesture of friendship towards the 20 million Muslims who live there since 1200 years, the French government is now the world’s islamophobia lab waging permanent ‘neo-crusades’ against the Muslim minority and prohibits any criticism of such policies

Let’s remind our readers that France was condemned by many international human rights associations and the European courts for it’s violations. For example, Human Rights Watch (HRW), CAIR and many other associations condemned the government shut down of the leading anti-discrimination group CCIF. The association was legally defending Muslims in courts for free against racism and systemic hate speech! The French government move threatened basic human rights and liberties including freedom of expression, association, religion and the principle of nondiscrimination. The same happened to Baraka City a charity association dismantled by an administrative decision and not a judiciary decision or any form of trial.

Moreover, France demanded the signing of a charter requiring Muslim associations not to denounce any state/systemic racism in France. This is a blatant and severe violation of the right to free speech of a religious minority. We are not surprised, when we recall that this regime has previous records in the past and banned Frantz Fanon’s book on « the mental chains of the colonized » in the 1960s because it was seen as a threat for the security of the state. Imagine if a Muslim country asks a minority not to point out the dysfunctions/systemic racism against them? We would have had a global scandal.


A document was also circulating in some universities asking to identify staff or students with signs of religiosity or faith and report this information discreetly. Let alone the political watchlists where people are identified based on their opinions and world views and can be denied public services, harassed or illegally monitored by secret services simply because the state dislikes their opinions.

France does not blame Muslims for breaking the French laws, no, this is not the case. She reproaches them for not adhering to the values of the regime, like under Stalin reign, you must be a communist or you are a traitor, because yes fanatic secularism is an ideology, and the French version is leaning towards the totalitarian style. There is a specific name for these violations for religious reasons or opinions, it happened in the past and we call it the Inquisition. Imagine if a Muslim country sanctions Christian, Jewish, or other associations because ‘do not declare sharing all its values’. For example, fasting Ramadan, believing in one God, supporting Palestine or refusing fornication, etc. This is called everywhere: thought police

The practice of collective punishment is also one of the signs of the Inquisition. To close an entire structure without a court decision is a collective punishment and persecution, so isn’t that fascism when the individual behavior leads to collective responsibility and sanctions?

For me, I understood many years ago that France entered a neo-fascist era because the oligarchy ruling over this country is now exposed and the Yellow vests was just a start announcing important forthcoming changes. This is why I knew France isn’t the promised paradise on earth where you can speak freely! I was able to see and understand the political game, and I knew early that independent opinions were not appreciated by the real « deep state » controlling this nation. Since 2019, the system is no longer capable of convincing and persuading massively the people, they need now to use more violent laws, administrative procedures, symbolic and financial oppression to silence the independent voices.

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12 janvier 2022

An inclusive solution for teaching and learning R with #RStudioCloud

11 janvier 2022

Remplacez le mot « Islam » par « Judaisme » et vous aurez un scandale, probablement un soulevement mediatico-politique pour appeler a vous faire taire! Ce qui se passe en France n’est ni du debat, ni de la liberte! #NonAuJudaismePolitique #NonAuNationalSionisme

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10 janvier 2022

The French virtuoso musician Stéphane Blet died at 51! May his soul rests in peace! Talented, committed and courageous French patriot, he was exiled from France to Turkey to flee persecution & censorship for his opinions!🇵🇸🇫🇷

Honneur a ta memoire, Paix a ton ame!

8 janvier 2022

The war against Russia, Iran and China has been planned for a long time & the heart of the project is the Judeo-protestant messianic Zionist objectives! NATO is endangering all of humanity!

The elites at the helm of this agenda, give no weight to their peoples or to humanity! According to them, millions of Europeans, Americans, Arabs, Asians, etc., can die in a terminal atomic conflict provided they achieve their goals of domination. I have never hidden these opinions for the past 7 years and have expressed them publicly and repeatedly at whatever cost, in Europe and in the USA. I am not afraid or ashamed to speak, because it’s more than ever the time to denounce it! After that it will already be too late and martial laws will prohibit anyone from speaking! It happened before and it will happen again. In the meantime, expect them to implement new censorship laws calling it « fighting conspiracy theories ». It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s called eschatology (End Times Prophecies) and serious geopolitics, not the propaganda served on mainstream TV to keep the average joe asleep and distracted.

7 janvier 2022

Russia indisputably conducts the best foreign policy nowadays & demonstrates great wisdom, spiritual intelligence and an excellent geopolitical vision! #ChristianOrthodoxRussia🇷🇺 #CпасибоРоссия

Should Russia Invade eastern Ukraine now to make sure no one will put NATO nukes on it’s borders? Or Wait until Ukraine joins NATO and then invokes the article 5 of NATO collective defense putting Russia between a Rock and a hard place, because if Russia responds afterwards it would mean world war 3! NATO has nothing to do on Russian borders, it’s a warmongering Zionist alliance!

Ministry of Defence 🇬🇧 on Twitter: "''Article 5 of the NATO treaty means  that violence against one Ally is treated as violence against every  member''. #WeAreNATO https://t.co/WgGX0gzY93" / Twitter
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7 janvier 2022

An audible university? The emerging role of podcasts, audiobooks and text to speech technology in research should be taken seriously

A significant impact of COVID-19 lockdowns on academic life has been the way in which it has necessitated almost all traditional features of academic work to be mediated via screens. What is less frequently remarked on is how this ‘pivot to digital’ may also be shaping research via other media, specifically the rise of audible research content, such as podcasts. In this post, Mark Carrigan reflects on how research listening has shaped his own practice and how an implicit assumption of its secondary relationship to reading may limit our appreciation of engaging with research in a multimodal fashion.

A frequent conversation during the pandemic has been the impact of screen fatigue on working life. Academics were already reliant on screens, but the online pivot in teaching and academic communication meant that even the periods of the working day, which were formerly respites from a monitor, were now mediated by screens. Personally, I found it particularly challenging, as someone who lives apart from my partner, with evening video calls proving much more difficult to relax into and enjoy, once Zoom became the overriding feature of my typical working day. The reliance on screens has come to feel wearying for many, with the pandemic drawing attention to the extent of our reliance on these interfaces.

While hybrid working was always a feature of academic life to some degree, the disruptions of the pandemic suggest a return to pre-pandemic patterns of behaviour seems unlikely, for either meetings or conferences. In both cases it will be difficult to return to the previous default of face-to-face and hybrid interactions are already becoming a routine part of academic work. This might not mean you’re spending as much time meeting through screens as you did in 2020, but increased screen time will be a continued feature of academic work as we begin to transition into a post-pandemic university.

This blog post was originally published on LSE Impact blogRead more from the Source here

6 janvier 2022

I respect the smart patriotic Americans who understand & dare to defend the truth! They are rare, but they exist! Israel is pushing humanity to Armageddon for the sake of it’s fanatic religious dreams #HumanityIsFedUpWithZionistWars

Retired US General Lawrence Wilkerson said that Israel won’t exist as a state in 20 years because it is delegitimizing itself as an apartheid state and that Israel is « the most likely state in the world to take the United States to Armageddon »
Ken’O Keefe brilliant speech! Ken renounced his U.S citizenship after his service as a Marine in the U.S Army
Saudi arabia is the creation of the atlanto-zionist axis (Britain created Al saoud regime), and radical Wahhabism was used to spread violence and prepare the ground for Israel to expand while staining the image of Islam as a religion and governance system! The Western secret services and several Arab secret services participated in these crimes at the request of the West (Remember the ex French minister Roland Dumas confession?). It was no accident, but a satanic geopolitical plan designed to destroy the part of the Arab world refusing Zionism for the benefit of Israel. Russia, Syria and Iran thwarted this agenda at the right time! Now that the NATO’s backed terrorists failed, the mainstream media want to market it as a sectarian conflict between sunis and shia or a Russian aggression ! It was all for Israel, since day 1! Now the same forces are fueling sectarian hate against Iran to prepare millions of naïve Arab minds to fight Iran for the benefit of the Israeli messianic dreams! You will find behind this hasbara the same players.

You can read here the document « A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties » By Oded Yinon

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