15 juin 2020

Unreliable and unuseful research?! The deep crisis of the #PublishOrPerish model is widening! The game of chasing metrics inflating academic egos/status is hurting science!

10 juin 2020

Developing Open Minds in Marketing – Gerald Zaltman, Harvard Business School

10 juin 2020

Using KNIME Analytics Platform for Data Driven Persona Segmentation

29 mai 2020

The latest « scientific exploit » from publish ‘&’ perish culture! I don’t even imagine the situation in management, psychology, economics and social sciences

8 Peer reviewed medical papers published and referenced in PubMed used the same « fake » data! Is this model of academia reliable or is it another ‘fake it’ spectacle? 

The future is academic authenticity, cumulative knowledge with simple, useful, replicable robust theories! I prefer one meaningful page to an encyclopedia of empty verbiage! Here are 4 great references that i recommend to address this topic of paramount importance! 

Hubbard, R. (2015). Corrupt research: The case for reconceptualizing empirical management and social science. Sage Publications.

Harris, R. (2017). Rigor mortis: how sloppy science creates worthless cures, crushes hope, and wastes billions. Basic Books.

Tourish, D. (2019). Management studies in crisis: Fraud, deception and meaningless research. Cambridge University Press.

Chambers, C. (2019). The seven deadly sins of psychology: A manifesto for reforming the culture of scientific practice. Princeton University Press.

19 mai 2020

Conducting a meta-analysis in #SPSS & #R

19 mai 2020

Process mining or the analysis of business processes based on event logs

17 mai 2020

Real peace is made between nations, not illegitimate or vassal regimes! This is the biggest problem facing zionism that no weapon or propaganda is able to solve!


UAE is threatening it’s citizens and residents by legal action if they dare to criticize normalisation with Israel, so where is democracy and human rights narrative?

The USA closes its eyes on these despotic practices of it’s allies when they execute it’s orders and agenda! Well, this is why the west has no credibility and this is why this peace is fake because the regimes have no legitimacy or popular support and this peace is between regimes not nations!


Mike Armageddon supports Israeli crimes and has a hidden extremist messianic agenda … Rapture, Gog and Magog and Holly wars against Russia and any force opposing this morally corrupt Antichrist project! Because Muslims like Christians are waiting for Jesus the son of the virgin Mary return! So these concealed wars on Islam, orthodox Christians is the predicted 3rd temple of the Antichrist and not Christianity whether the hawks governing america like it or not! The objective is to create the great Israel from Nile to Euphrates (Oded Yinon plans and Bernard Lewis?)! This is spiritual blindness and extremism representing a major threat to humanity not simple geopolitics! 

Violating international law and Palestinian rights for some end times evangelical beliefs? What if any other country or president did that? Wouldn’t we call him an extremist and danger to peace and mankind? This is the REAL AGENDA behind the continuous wars in the middle east! I lived in the west long enough to see and understand the system! People are used as spare parts to nurture the system, all the myths about freedom, justice, moral ideals are just dust in the eyes hiding the real agenda! 



17 mai 2020

What is the reproducibility crisis? How bad is it? What can be done about it and what has been done about it?

You can read Prof Bishop’s comment for Nature magazine (which is mentioned in the video) here:


17 mai 2020

A Replication Crisis! Curation and simplicity is the future! Our world is saturated with bullshit. Learn to detect and defuse it.

Calling Bullshit: The Art of Scepticism in a Data-Driven World
Book by Carl Bergstrom and Jevin D. West

Watch the full series here! 

16 mai 2020

Iran is gaining more respect and prestige in the arab and muslim world ألف تحية للجمهورية الإسلامية الإيرانية داعمة المقاومة

In times where most of the arab vassal and illegitimate regimes betray their people and oppress them, god sent Iran in an anti systemic revolution to stand firm and block the atlanto zionist hidden messianic agenda of chaos and destruction! No difference between sunni or shiaa the zionist entity will never accept anything except weak slaves around and any strong nation is seen as a threat for their hidden extremist religious agenda from Nile to Euphrates!

Iran is important because their courageous positions are necessary in times where people are afraid/pressured via a pervert system to silence them and censor their views!

In a Time of Universal Deceit — Telling the Truth Is a Revolutionary Act

In an ocean of betrayal, dictatorships installed and maintained to oppress billions of people we say that Iran is a beacon of light and bravery and we thank God for it!

8000 years of civilization and knowledge with many ethnic groups and religious minorities! A great proud nation refusing to bow to arrogant powers despite 41 years of unjust sanctions and plots! Countless scientific achievements hidden by the mainstream media, an anti systemic revolution that neutralized the regular army and created a special army to protect the revolution so people can not have another foreign military plot or coup like in Egypt, Bolivia, or what they tried to do to Erdogan in 2016!

So Iran leads a counter systemic movement and it gives hope to millions worldwide!


15 mai 2020

This is why I tell myself that I can always do better and improve my lectures. I’m so grateful to my students!

14 mai 2020

Future Nostalgia: The Impact of Coronavirus on Consumer Trends &Truths – Anne Rivers & Peter Horst #MSI

11 mai 2020

Overview of online course: Moderation, Mediation, & Conditional Process Analysis by Andrew F. Hayes

10 mai 2020

Conducting Network Analysis in R! A statistical approach that allows for the examination of how components of a network are related to one another.

10 mai 2020

The old devils are at it again! Brace for #ww3 in this decade, they are already preparing the minds and the battlefields around Russia, China and Iran

It’s true right now like it was back then, the old devils are at it again!

« From behind these bars the view don’t change. desperation death and despair. from what little I hear of the outside world. well its not to different out there. and they tell me there’s a war without no end. The old devils are at it again. they die by the millions children women and men. The old devils are at it again. when I say devil you know who I mean these animals in the dark malicious politicians with nefarious schemes charlatans and crooked cops the moonshine still gives you five to ten The old devils are at it again. stripes on your back and a ball and chain The old devils are at it again. two men stare out of prison bars wondering what got’em here. one saw mud but the other saw stars. Praying that the end is near. well the billboard outside says « confess your sins » The old devils are at it again. I guess I will confess that I’ve been suffering. The old devils are at it again. I said The old devils are at it again. who knows what they’ll do. and it’s true right now like it was back then. The old devils are at it again. I said The old devils are at it again. oh oh… »