23 mars 2021

Inefficiencies in Digital Advertising Markets, JM-MSI Special Issue

23 mars 2021

« Half My Digital Advertising Is Wasted…. » JM-MSI Special Issue

22 mars 2021

Quand la planète s’habille – Le Dessous des Cartes | ARTE

21 mars 2021

Workshop on reproducible science with R and RStudio! The future is not #PublishOrPerish but #PublishLessWithBetterQuality

20 mars 2021

NUCLEAR WAR is already been mentioned in the QURAN || Quranic Predictions of World War III

It’s regime change anniversary month for Iraq, Libya and Syria.

These countries were the targets of the US regime change playbook and all are worse off because of it. And now the regime changers have moved on to Venezuela and Iran. Will it ever end? pic.twitter.com/nd58u3VQSV— Rania Khalek (@RaniaKhalek) March 13, 2019

17 mars 2021

How AI Shapes Consumer Experiences and Expectations #AmericanMarketingAssociation

13 mars 2021

China is the Future of Technology // 中国是科技的未来

11 mars 2021

RapidMiner in Action: Delivering Valuable Insights in Minutes

10 mars 2021

A Friendly Introduction to Codeless Deep Learning #LowCodeDataAnalytics #Knime

10 mars 2021

Censure et muselage en douce des universitaires en France!? Un pas de plus de la dictature molle vers la dictature dure! 60 ans apres l’interdiction des livres de #FrantzFanon rien ne semble changer… #LiberteDeParole #HegemonieCulturelle

La censure se fait en douce dicretement a travers des coups de pression sur les universitaires qui ne tiennent pas le meme discours que l’etat et les medias, sinon, il peut aussi se faire de facon plus choquante et directe comme le cas du Pr. Guenif qui a ete invitee a respecter un « droit de reserve » par la ministre de l’epoque Najat Valaud-Belkacem! Pour faire simple, il faut se taire!

La situation en France a toujours ete preoccupante et camouflee, la seule difference maintenant est que c’est desormais visible et traduit une perte de controle du systeme sur l’information et perte de confiance populaire dans le recit officiel et ses medias! Du coup, attendez vous a des lois repressives et liberticides bientot, le pouvoir profond n’acceptera pas que la liberation de la parole se poursuit!

9 mars 2021

What a time! Among the signs of the end of times in eschatology, « social inversion », mediocre people will be in places they do not deserve! This decadence is promoted on purpose by this order! #TheGreatAwakening

8 mars 2021

Dr Stuart Ritchie | Psychology in a crisis

Dr Ritchie is a psychologist with research interests in a variety of areas, including intelligence, individual differences in cognitive abilities, behavioural genetics, and more recently in the replication crisis. In 2014, he completed his PhD at the university of Edinburgh, staying on to become a postdoctoral research fellow investigating difference in intelligence, working on the world renowned Lothian Birth Cohort dataset. In 2018, he became a lecturer in the Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Centre at King’s College London. In his recent book, Science Fictions, Stuart examines fraud, bias, error, and hype in scientific research, and the incentives that undermine scientific integrity. More recently, Stuart focused his energies on cross-examining scientific claims relevant to the coronavirus pandemic, and in pursuit of this has set up a Myth Busting website. About the talk At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, psychologists and other behavioural scientists sprung into action, writing high-profile papers that described the application of their research findings to the crisis. Since changing people’s behaviours is a big part of controlling a pandemic, they saw many opportunities to use their research to help out. As we know, though, the behavioural sciences have been going through their own crisis over the past years – a crisis of confidence in the quality, replicability, and generalisability of their findings. How appropriate was it to try to apply these findings to a completely unprecedented scenario – and one where lives were at stake? What are the pitfalls in doing so? In this talk, I’ll discuss what’s happened with psychology and the pandemic, and propose a new scheme—partly stolen from NASA—to assess how ready any given piece of research is for translation to a crisis.

6 mars 2021

Social (redistribution des richesses, Economie, Education, etc..) versus Societal (touchant aux normes comme le LGBT, Feminisme, etc.)! Bien definir les concepts pour ne pas se tromper (ou etre trompe) par les agendas promus H24 aux peuples! #SpotTheDifference

Subtitles in English are available

Ok, let’s play a game, do you spot the difference between what is SOCIAL versus SOCIETAL now?

When governments fail on the social (redistribution of wealth, social justice, etc.) they promote the societal to give the illusion that they are progressing! It is never a good sign to see this in a country, it proves that power has no more cards to play apart from the race to change the values, norms and society morals! What is the agenda folks?

4 mars 2021

Very realistic Tom Cruise Deepfake! There is no way to differentiate between reality and fake content anymore!

Deepfakes are synthetic media in which a person in an existing image or video is replaced with someone else’s likeness. Let us not forget that the majority of security systems in the world use surveillance cameras, being able to manipulate images and videos with such precision has a very worrying bearing on what ill-intentioned services / countries / groups can do with such technologies! Accuse innocent people, usurp the identity of people, etc … A real debate on the supervision of these technologies is essential!

4 mars 2021

This is what I repeat since 2014! They are preparing the masses for #WW3! Here is a BBC simulation broadcasted about a supposed #NATO Vs. #Russia nuclear conflict! 50 minutes of brainwashing and predictive programming for the average Joe!