22 mai 2021

Research findings that are probably wrong cited far more than robust ones, study finds

Academics suspect papers with grabby conclusions are waved through more easily by reviewers.

Studies in science, psychology and economics journals that fail to hold up when others repeat them are cited more than 100 times as often as work that stands the test of time. 

Scientific research findings that are probably wrong gain far more attention than robust results, according to academics who suspect that the bar for publication may be lower for papers with grabbier conclusions.

Studies in top science, psychology and economics journals that fail to hold up when others repeat them are cited, on average, more than 100 times as often in follow-up papers than work that stands the test of time.

The finding – which is itself not exempt from the need for scrutiny – has led the authors to suspect that more interesting papers are waved through more easily by reviewers and journal editors and, once published, attract more attention. “It could be wasting time and resources,” said Dr Marta Serra-Garcia, who studies behavioural and experimental economics at the University of California in San Diego. “But we can’t conclude that something is true or not based on one study and one replication.” What is needed, she said, is a simple way to check how often studies have been repeated, and whether or not the original findings are confirmed.

Read the full paper on the Guardian

22 mai 2021

Martech 2030: 5 trends in marketing technology for the decade ahead with Scott Brinker (chiefmartec)

21 mai 2021

Introduction to Text Mining and Analysis using VoyantTools

20 mai 2021

How censorship by social media giants is used to silence the voice of the Palestinian people!

After censorship in the mass media and biased coverage against Palestine, after repressive laws such as prohibiting the peaceful boycott of Israel by BDS to defend human rights in occupied Palestine, after the adoption of the IHRA freedom-killing definition prohibiting criticism of Zionism and portraying it as antisemitism, here is the turn of the censorship by social media giants and GAFAM to silence the voice of the Palestinian people

19 mai 2021

La Chine est-elle en train de gagner la course à la technologie ? [Olivier Passet]

14 mai 2021

Fahrenheit 451! A future society where books are outlawed and « firemen » burn any that are found! #CulturalHegemony #SallyIsMonitoringTheSleepingHerd

This is already the case, since several authors and intellectuals are invisible or persecuted by the system! The film shows a cartoonish version, but which is already discreetly in place! There is a long list of ideas/theories that the system censors to maintain its cultural hegemony! Sally keeps the system locked!

Fahrenheit 451: A Novel | Amazon.com.br

Bradbury, R. (2012). Fahrenheit 451: A Novel. Simon and Schuster.

11 mai 2021

Excellent GPower series(statistical power computations) #ANOVA #HypothesisTesting #LinearModel

1 mai 2021

Many thanks to the JASP statistical software team! A tool that I have taught in Europe and the USA but never in my country or continent! Hoping one day to see that our nations exist on the scientific and educational map! For now, our academic ecosystem is ominously static!

Mehdi el manjra, defined underdevelopment as being the countries which do not invest in the development of their human capital! All the rich or developed countries have understood that the first resource is human beings, any path that does not promote education and its development is a dead end.

المهدي المنجرة يعرّف التخلف بأنه الدول التي لا تستثمر في تنمية رأس مالها البشري! لقد أدركت جميع الدول الغنية أو المتقدمة أن المورد الأول هو الإنسان ، وأي مسار لا يعزز تعليمه ، وتطويره هو طريق مسدود وضد مصالح الأمة

30 avril 2021

Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation! Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Rūmī! #EasternWisdom is #ConnectedToTheHeavens « إن موطنك هو الذي تتجه إليه، لا الذي أنت فيه » — جلال الدين الرومي

May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'You can beat 40 scholars with one fact, but you can't beat one idiot with 40 facts. -Rumi'
28 avril 2021

Dr. Charles Driver | Dynamic Systems Modelling and Simulation – Assisted Thought Experiments

Most phenomena of scientific interest can be loosely thought of as ‘dynamic systems’, in the sense that they usually change in different ways depending on different inputs. In the social sciences, phenomena are usually highly complex and dependent on many features of the world, such that any formal model is inherently a vast simplification. In order for our modelling simplifications to provide useful insight, they need to adequately represent the core aspects we are interested in, and cope with the many aspects we are not.

27 avril 2021

Is ROE the New ROI? How marketing executives are evaluating campaigns beyond ROI to incorporate powerful metrics of Engagement, Emotion, and Experience?

26 avril 2021

Ant, Alibaba Show How China Reins in Big Tech Faster Than Other Countries | WSJ

The Economist in Print OR Audio: January 2nd, 2021 – The Economist Store &  Economist Diaries
23 avril 2021

Pour une recherche en management, connectée aux enjeux d’aujourd’hui[Michel Berry]

22 avril 2021

Garbology: the study of modern culture through the analysis of what is thrown away as garbage #Consumerism

20 avril 2021

Jean-François Bayart : « Que le terme plaise ou non, il y a bien une islamophobie d’Etat en France » | Les francais musulmans vivent sous un statut d indigenat maintenu par l’appareil d’etat mediatico-politique

Le ministre de l’éducation Jean-Michel Blanquer à l’Assemblée nationale, le 27 octobre.

La dénonciation de « l’islamo-gauchisme » repose sur une méconnaissance confondante de l’histoire et révèle la consolidation d’un « républicano-maccarthysme » au cœur même de l’Etat et des médias, accuse le professeur de sociologie politique dans une tribune au « Monde ».

Article complet du journal le monde a lire ici

Voir aussi la video de Michel Collon ci-dessous:

Les institutions qui font de l antiracisme moral, une opposition controlee soutenue par l etat et subventionnee n arrivent plus a contenir les racises et populations discriminees qui tentent de s organiser par leurs propres moyens hors de ce circuit! La republique incapable de bloquer ce mouvement de fond est passee a la vitesse superieure et a commence a dissoudre sans justification tout les organismes et associations qui ne suivent pas son discours comme le CCIF ou l observatoire de la laicite, et accelere dans la mise en place de lois liberticides! La situation change et les medias peu credibles n arrivent plus a duper les masses!