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1 mai 2020

Will they launch a war on #iran to save the #Petrodollar? Will a ‘limited conflict’ push for a higher oil price, propel the international demand for the dollar again and allow the FED to continue printing trillions?

Will the ‘ruling elites’ launch a war on #Iran in a desperate move to save the #Petrodollar and create an artificial shortage of oil? Will they risk a global conflict also to advance their hidden Zionist eschatological agenda? Is Israel going to start the provocation via a nuclear strike on Iran? I believe YES!  I don’t know when, but i m convinced it will happen…

Such a foolish action will INEVITABLY trigger World War 3! Iran can bomb all the petro dollar Oil infrastructures in the region and send the U.S dollar to oblivion forever, causing a total collapse of all FIAT currencies worldwide! This means massive economic collapse worldwide, runaway inflation, famines of biblical proportions, social unrest, revolutions,etc.! This is THE REAL REASON why they know it’s a very dangerous game  and they can’t control the consequences of such an attack! 

 We know it starts as a conventional war, but it will very quickly escalate to a nuclear conflict!

The persistent warmongering is putting all humanity at risk and i don’t expect lame stream media (left or right) to tell people these truths! 



Iran is 22nd in scientific publications, so why the Orwellian controlled media is not showing that? 


Iran is in the TOP 20 for world innovations and patents!


19 avril 2020

Upcoming marketing conferences deadlines & call for chapters (updated)

By Yassine El Bouchikhi 

Sources used: 

  • Conference alerts
  • AFM marketing
  • EMAC
18 avril 2020

The #Covid19 most important consequence is the collapse of the #Petrodollar and ALL THE WORLD MONETARY SYSTEM! #WeimarRepublic for all!

The FED destroyed the United States and with it all the world FIAT currencies! Lives of billions of human beings are at stake because a criminal banking cartel directs the FED.

Honest humans worldwide must call to sanction this mafia and take back control on the monetary system!

If the arab world was not ruled by appointed ‘puppets’ we would not ignore a man like Cheikh Imran hossein that informed us about eschatology and what is happening! He should be on all arab and muslim TV screens to inform people and prepare them for the coming dark world! The petrodollar crisis will wipe out all the world currencies! It’s coming folks and we will see blood on the streets worldwide!


14 avril 2020

The futur: micro-farms, autonomy, localism, organic food, task diversification, human bonds!

« What we want is to replace mass farming with a mass of farmers »

A farm on a « human scale » and profitable, this is what Quebecois Jean-Martin Fortier created. And he wants to show that an agricultural revolution is possible.

13 avril 2020

A beautiful program broadcasted every #ramadan reminding people the importance of humanity

Television can be a tool to promote good and values instead of dumbing down people! this is for me an example of good programs! The muslim world has a lot of goodness to share and positive messages! We need to make them more visible to remind people it’s about humanity not materialism, selfishness or consumption!

Make a positive change in the life of others! 

29 mars 2020

The new norm in research will be about QUALITY NOT QUANTITY ! #PublishorPerish culture is harming academia! #Merton_norms to Make Academia Great Again ;)

In 1942, sociologist Robert Merton articulated an ethos of science in “A Note on Science and Technology in a Democratic Order.” He argued that, although no formal scientific code exists, the values and norms of modern science can nevertheless be inferred from scientists’ common practices and widely held attitudes. Merton discussed four idealized norms: Universalism, Communality, Disinterestedness, and Organized Skepticism. In this video, we explore what these norms are and what they mean for the scientific community. « A Note on Science and Technology » can be found at:…

Merton, Robert K. 1973. The Sociology of Science: Theoretical and Empirical Investigations. University of Chicago Press.

Source: Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS)

25 mars 2020

Corrupt Research: The Case for Reconceptualizing Empirical Management and Social Science

Hubbard, R. (2015). Corrupt research: The case for reconceptualizing empirical management and social science. Sage Publications.

I’m reading this great book written by Hubbard a great marketing scholar about the current NHST paradigm in research. The author is defending the idea that we are producing « unreliable science » that is absolutely useless! Summarizes lots of evidence that the pervasive use of NHTS (Null Hypothesis statistical testing) is bad practice. The author suggests another model and defends the same ideas of Geoff Cumming about the new statistics based on confidence intervals instead of p values and open science in his book of 2013 Understanding the new statistics: Effect sizes, confidence intervals, and meta-analysis. Routledge.

The book of Hubbard is a major contribution and alert toward the research community about the actual research paradigm that we can qualify as an « Ostrich politic » where publishers and academics waste ressources (time, money, effort) for advancing their careers through « fake or misleading » publications instead of seeking to change the system and to seek the truth! this is the noble objective of science, not citations, or rankings! We need a cumulative system that allows replication and integration of findings.

As expected no one is a prophet is his own country, like any established community, gatekeepers don’t like people who go against the mainstream doxa, and this book received little interest while it’s a major contribution and very urgent issue in academic research. Few are those who have the courage and honesty to say it loudly like the excellent positions taken by Barnett , or Kuntz , or Cumming ! but history will give credit to those who stood with a backbone for the truth.

I follow many groups in various disciplines, and this issue will be the TRUE CHALLENGE for the next years if we want to tackle the credibility of scientific research! Corrupt academic research has to change! The publish or perish system is a very bad model to copy! Thus, the present rankings of universities and what we believe about real scholarship is again another example of falsehood and a corrupt order. I always said that publicly, this scientific model is not honest and it will collapse if it continues to manufactures meaningless paper!


This great video by Dr. Roland GORI reminds us with many examples that this order is not sustainable nor honest. Subtitles are available in English.

25 mars 2020

A great channel …. StatQuest with Josh Starmer

23 mars 2020

Zotero, Grab your research with a single click #Marketingthema

25 janvier 2020

The GIGA Failure! Fiat currencies may be gone by end of this year, Alasdair Macleod tells Keiser Report

5 octobre 2019

Dance of the p Values & reporting intevals by Geoff Cumming

Cumming, Geoff. Understanding the new statistics: Effect sizes, confidence intervals, and meta-analysis. Routledge, 2013.

16 juillet 2019

Nature is a big library that we should learn to observe and mimic ! Copying nature is being at the edge of high tech. #Biomimicry_design


16 juillet 2019

Introduction to LCA : Latent Class Analysis #Marketingthema

Latent class analysis (LCA) identifies unobservable subgroups within a population. We work to expand LCA models to allow scientists to better understand the impact of exposure to patterns of multiple risks, as well as the antecedents and consequences of complex behaviors, so that interventions can be tailored to target the subgroups that will benefit most.

Read more here

Some statistical packages able to handle this analysis: 

8 juillet 2019

Watch French research in real-time ! Live consultation of articles from several full-text electronic scientific journals and databases.

You can click on the picture or this link to watch the magic happening in real-time

8 juillet 2019

Visualizing literature review using #VosViewer | Discover new links between authors, topics, keywords, domains, etc.



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