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4 janvier 2021

Martech Trends You Need To Know! #MarTech & #AdTech

3 janvier 2021

The American establishment invades/plots against poor nations to install/maintain by force similar type of clown dictators! Now the #DivineJustice offers the same exciting experience to America! #Honkhonk #EnjoyTrumpism

31 décembre 2020

Pi (1998)! The system reached the limit of mathematization & quantification! #AbstractionPeakLedToSystemicFragility #WhereSpirituality&TechnicityCollide?

30 décembre 2020

China could overtake the US as the world’s largest economy by 2024! The Asian dragon is ahead in Artificial Intelligence! #EasternLeadership

27 décembre 2020

Process Mining is fueling the future of business performance

25 décembre 2020

Trump with his extremist evangelical-zionist agenda is driving humanity to #Armageddon & #ww3

24 décembre 2020

Low code & No Code Revolution

16 décembre 2020

Pioneering in science!? American propaganda Vs. Hard facts!



1- Innovation? China has more innovation patents than the USA since 2017! China is already testing 6G while USA and the west are still battling over 5G technology!

2- Cancer cures, really? Among the 4 top producers of nanotechnology research you have 3 Asian countries and again China is leading! So who should we believe? Pompeo or official statistics?

3- Super computing and artificial intelligence, really mike? China has already achieved quantum supremacy in December 2020 and in terms of artificial intelligence they have very sophisticated researchers

4- Monetary system and financial technologies? China is already ahead with digital currencies adoption and blockchain deployment

5- Nuclear science technologies? China is already ahead with the plasma fusion and artificial sun

I feel sad to see American people being lied to and fooled by their government, because the American era is over! The world leadership has already shifted to Eurasia! The U.S establishment should explain to it’s people why it happened and what decisions led to this free fall of the United states over the last decade! Let alone the fact the the dollar is living on borrowed time and the advantage or printing money in limitless quantities to get unfair advantages from the status of world reserve currency is over! Mike can seduce (deceive?) the Saudi or Emirati government by telling them he is the most powerful country on earth, but it’s no longer true! America has a lot of weapons bought with paper petrodollar yes, but is it enough to claim civilizational/scientific superiority? I don’t think so! Facts are much more interesting than swallowing cheap talk!

Dr. Yassine El.

14 décembre 2020

From Words to Wisdom – Text Analytics Use Cases #Knime

« This book extends the catalogue of KNIME Press books with a description of techniques to access, process, and analyze text documents using the KNIME Text Processing extension. The book covers text data access, text pre-processing, stemming and lemmatization, enrichment via tagging, bag of words and keyword extraction, term frequencies, word vectors to represent text documents, and finally topic detection and sentiment analysis. Some basic knowledge of KNIME Analytics Platform is required. This book has been updated for KNIME Analytics Platform 4.0.« 

Download here from Knime official Website

14 décembre 2020

Eastern elegance: simple & classy :) #CircassianDance #OrthodoxChristianity&IslamicFriendship #EurasianRise #WestAsia

‘Better the Turkish Turban than the Papal Tiara’!?

The West has used Saudi Arabia and Wahabism to create a divide between Muslims and Christians in Russia! Let us never forget that Muslims have lived in Russia for 1200 years and they are 20 million, which is the equivalent of all Muslims living in the entire Western bloc! They lived in general peace and cordiality with Orthodox Christians! Saudi ideology and the Wahabi regime have been used as poison to use the Muslim minorities in these countries and to serve the Atlanto Zionist agenda! It is important to consolidate the bond of friendship and respect between Christians and Muslims which has always existed in this part of the world unlike history in the West and the endless pressures and harassment on these minorities (from crusades, to inquisition, colonialism, to modern wars and continuous islamophobia depicting Muslims as monsters)!

When the Ottoman Empire wanted to conquer Constantinople (i.e. Istanbul), the Christians of the East (Byzantine Empire who are the ancestors of present-day Russia) said: we prefer the sultan’s turban to the pope’s hat! This sentence has remained engraved forever to remind us that the links with the Christianity of the East have been cordial and friendly since centuries! In other words, the Orthodox Byzantines considered it better to be ruled by the Muslim Turks than to go against their religious beliefs and give in to the roman Church. Today history repeats itself and Russia is not part of the atlanto zionist axis and refuses to submit to it’s agenda! I am not talking about Western populations in general who are themselves victims and locked inside a system that is beyond their comprehension! I’m talking about their hidden elites! Today the system has succeeded through years of propaganda to designate the Muslims, the Chinese and the orthodox Russians as the danger and deprive western people from them of their spiritual landmarks and to deceive them to serve hidden messianic projects, even if some of them start understanding that something is deeply wrong with the ruling system!

Le futur est a l’est et la changement est deja en cours sur tout les plans

I lived in the West and saw some positive things, and I saw also the psychological harassment (media and social) and political (via laws and disrespectful political discourse towards Muslims) and other forms of vicious persecution and it’s not happening by accident, but by design!

Muslims should feel confident enough and not swallow this distorted picture sold to them by western media or apologize for what they are of hide their values! Just turn the mirror around and show them to these western elites how Muslims lived well with eastern Christians in Asia (for centuries) and Latin America! Remind them also that the longest interfaith cohabitation ever in the west was in Spain under Muslim rule for 800 years! After that golden period in Al-Andalous, the west had inquisition, genocides, colonialism and nowadays wars and hate speech because of ‘migrants’! Moreover, that even on the migration side, it is the eastern countries (not the Western bloc) that receives most of the migrants fleeing wars and chaos. But again, the media discourse creates again false impressions and perceptions that the masses believe without questioning. Let’s not be impressed by the media narrative, and bear always these important facts in our minds!


12 décembre 2020

Digital Marketing Course In 11 Hours [2021] #Simplilearn

10 décembre 2020

#Only4PercentAcceptNormalisation #NotInMyName #مغاربةضدالتطبيع #SolidarityWithPalestineFromMorocco #FlyTheFlag عاشت فلسطين حرة

You can read the full report about the Arab opinion index 2019/2020 here: follow this link

في سبتمبر 2020 تشرفت بالتوقيع مع 6 ملايين موقع على ميثاق الحملة الشعبية لدعم القضية الفلسطينية ورفض التطبيع مع الكيان الصهيوني

اليوم أكثر من أي وقت مضى كمسلم ومغربي أكرر موقفي: ستبقى فلسطين عربية حرة أبية و عاصمتها الأبدية القدس، شاء من شاء و كره من كره و التطبيع لا يعنيني

بارك الله في فلسطين وشعبها، ونحن معكم حتى تحرركم النهائي! الله هو المنتصر

د. ياسين البوشيخي

8 décembre 2020

Structural Equation Modeling 2020 using R by Dr. Erin M. Buchanan #StatisticsofDOOM

7 décembre 2020

KNIME Learnathon: Automation & customer segmentation

7 décembre 2020

Dans quel systeme vit l’humanite ? #TheTetOblivion #DystopianOrder #GreatReset #TuRéfléchisAlorsFichéTuSeras

Du fichage comme les dictatures du tiers monde ! Du fichage politique pour une simple opinion, croyance ou idee !? Inquietante mais previsible evolution pour ce peuple et surtout une preuve d’une derive du pouvoir face aux defis actuels ! Le securitaire s’active quand la digue intellectuelle ne parvient plus a produire du recit commun credible ! C’est donc un signe de fragilite que d’adopter ces pratiques de dictatures ! Sombre jour pour le peuple francais !

Dr. Yassine EL.