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27 janvier 2021

Le monde échappe-t-il aux occidentaux ? Reponse: OUI! L’ordre mondial a deja change et il a largement bascule vers l’Est, militairement, economiquement, technologiquement et ideologiquement!

L’Occident est-il en proie à des problèmes insurmontables?
L’Orient incarne-t-il le nouvel ordre économique international?
Le piège de Thucydide serait-il inévitable entre l’Occident et l’Orient?

La Chine prouve qu’on peut dominer l’economie, la science et la technologie sans avoir de democratie ou vivre avec les valeurs promues par l’occident! L’Iran demontre un modele de gouvernance ou l’islam peut s’appuyer sur ses ressources internes pour creer l’independance technologique et militaire et ce malgre les sanctions et les pressions! La Russie montre que le modele chretien orthodoxe (oppose au modele laique communiste) a permis une renaissance spirituelle chretienne et un leadership militaire asymetrique qui n’a pas besoin de depenser des fortunues colossales pour assurer l’equilibre des forces mondiales! La Russie prepare aussi avec la Chine l’ordre monetaire de demain!

Donc OUI, le monde a bel et bien change!

27 janvier 2021

What is the Experience Sampling Method? #FrequentMeasurements #ProcessAnalysis

26 janvier 2021

« ابن خلدون « الظلم مؤذن بالخراب Ibn Khaldun: « l’injustice appelle à la ruine »! Le brillant fondateur de la sociologie moderne et ses constats sont toujours d’actualite!

26 janvier 2021

Campus or platform – What shape will the post-COVID university take? (By


Online learning is fragmenting the traditional model of the university as a single site for both education and research. Jon Treadway and Daniel W Hook, discuss how this digital transition is reshaping universities and how altmetrics might enable higher education institutions to redefine themselves in an increasingly aspatial academic environment.

2020 was a tough year for higher education, particularly for ‘destination countries’ – that is, those that rely on a high volume of international students such as the US, UK and Australia. In the short-term, these historic, respected and established educational nexuses have become essentially unreachable to the foreign students on which they have come to rely. In the long-term, a shift in the geopolitical climate is seeing moves toward home tuition of students – a move that may reduce the level of international research collaboration in coming decades.

It is not a surprise that the business-model diversification that led universities to become dependent on overseas students as a revenue stream has been encouraged by free-market-oriented governments in these countries. It is equally unsurprising that free-market thinking comes with increased risk – after all, even diversified companies fail. The UK regulator has made it clear that the price of university “autonomy” is that there will be no bailouts – a strong message that universities in the UK may indeed be allowed to fail, which has been echoed in the US and Australia.

Full article is available here

26 janvier 2021

Faut-il croire les classements: Écoles de commerce ? Revues ?

23 janvier 2021

مستقبل العالم الآن في الشرق! إن التحالف بين روسيا (عسكريًا وتكنولوجيًا) والصين (اقتصاديًا) وإيران (علميًا وفلسفة مقاومة الهيمنة الأطلسية) يحكم بالفعل عالم اليوم والغد #BeltAndRoadInitiative #EurasianAxis #ResistanceAxis #DigitalGoldBackedYuan #NewMonetarySystem

21 janvier 2021

Maximizing the Effectiveness of AI Coaches for Sales Agents

19 janvier 2021

KNIME Analytics Platform Walkthrough

16 janvier 2021

Feeling the pressure of publish or perish? 85% of research efforts are wasted according to reports! #CredibilityIsTheKey

16 janvier 2021

The Petro-dollar paper monetary advantage is the last cord that holds America together! All it takes is a war in the Middle East, or the launch of a Chinese/Russian currency backed by gold and this monetary mystification is over!

All the Petro-dollar monetary system is fake! Hence, all the Fiat currency systems connected to the dollar are going to collapse! This is what they mean by the great reset! Printing paper to enslave people and all this fake architecture is coming to an end! Anyone who believes in an all-powerful atlanto-zionist axis with endless forces misreads the reality of the world! We must separate appearance from reality! Everything is just a huge financial/media hoax that comes to an end! This is why I am among those who are not impressed by the Atlantist axis, because I understand where it comes from, the current situation and where it is heading!

15 janvier 2021

DOIGT D’OR DE LA MEILLEURE PUBLICITÉ ( PRIX DU PUBLIC ) – 8e Cérémonie des Doigts d’Or #2021 #Votez :)

15 janvier 2021

Prediction Consensus: What the Experts See Coming in 2021 by #visualcapitalist


13 janvier 2021

Xerfi Canal – Best of December 2020

13 janvier 2021

Une fois qu’on comprend la nature de ce systeme on voit clairement sa direction et ses objectifs! #Eschatologie #Consumerisme #Decadence #OrdreMaterielMarchand

Sous un angle spirituel et philosophique, nous vivons bien dans l’ordre qui corrompt tout ce qu’il touche et qui annonce l’apparition d’un antichrist apres la guerre mondiale annoncee contre la Russie, monde musulman et Chine pour realiser le projet messianique atlanto sioniste! Ce n’est ni du hasard historique, ni du conspirationisme ni de la science fiction! C’est bel et bien le suivi fidele d’un agenda eschatologique en cours!

12 janvier 2021

#SpectacleSociety #SocieteDuFutile #TheyWantYourSoul #SimulacraAndSimulation التفاهة في كل مكان.. مراجعة كتاب رحلة الدجال الناعمة

There is something deeply disturbing, decadent and sick in the society of the image! This culture is taking millions of people from commodification of their life and body on Instagram to the next logical step by maybe landing on Onlyfans! Because the philosophy of the show must always deliver higher doses to the audience!

Beyond the philosophic and societal aspects, it deeply questions the link between this model of society and the antichrist system prophesized as being the order where appearance and reality are in opposition and where people lose meaning! Appearance becomes more important than the reality itself!