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25 octobre 2020

We need a #GreatReset but not only financial, we need a #MoralReset ! #MoralValues&Purpose

The system is going through a global crisis … a corrupted economic, financial, academic system, the moral values that drive it, the political order, the meaning and purpose for which humans rise every morning to produce and contribute to society and the human adventure … this order is in deep and terminal crisis! The adventure will be short lived and reminds us that what was built on unhealthy foundations never lasts.

This system was intended to aggregate resources (human, economic, moral, etc.) to achieve an unstated goal, the majority of people never ask these questions drowned in their daily lives and concerns very futile and puerile. I am one of those who do not regret the old order because I understood its nature a long time ago, a little too early! We are in a messed up world where everything has to be rebuilt and it starts with sound foundations: simplicity, authenticity, and meaning are the values of the future!


20 octobre 2020

Managing Marketing Agility #AMA

Changes in the way customers shop, accompanied by an explosion of customer touchpoints and fast-changing competitive and technological dynamics, have led to an increased emphasis on agile marketing. This Journal of Marketing article investigates the emerging practice of marketing agility. Journal of Marketing Webinar: October 14, 2020 Featured Speakers: Kartik Kalaignanam (University of South Carolina) and Tarun Kushwaha (George Mason University)

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20 octobre 2020

Managing Digital Advertising Inefficiencies #AmericanMarketingAssociation

Digital advertising revenues grew from nothing to $108 billion in 25 years, eclipsing all traditional advertising media combined. Yet there are indicators that unregulated markets for digital advertising have experienced problems. This Journal of Marketing article seeks to help marketers and policymakers understand four pervasive issues in digital advertising markets and how they impact market efficiency. The authors discuss problems associated with advertising effect measurement, organizational inefficiencies in advertising, ad blocking, and ad fraud and solutions for marketers. Journal of Marketing Webinar: October 14, 2020 Featured Speakers: Ken Wilbur (UC-San Diego) and Zsolt Katona (UC-Berkeley)

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10 septembre 2020

Role of Business & Marketing in the BIG Picture and Message-Behavior Tailoring Using Technology & AI

Ecosystem goal: The Role of Business and Marketing in the BIG Picture Multiple factors determine health outcomes. As the current pandemic shows, health outcomes are the result of interactions across global and social elements, technology, governments, and organizations. Thus, to tackle health problems, marketing should work more with the parties that it has not done so very often in the past. For example, collaborative work with global organizations such as WHO, WTO, and COP can be advantageous. Switching the focus from the ecosystem level to the individual level, marketing should note that technology can be readily adapted to encourage behavioral changes that promote better health outcomes. For example, smartphones can be powerful if combined with tailored messages alerting patients when to take their medications. We can study the efficacy of the types of text messages across segments of patients to understand which types of message are most successful at promoting positive behavioral changes.

5 septembre 2020

The new trend is automated analytics software for beginners! #UserFriendly #BusinessOriented

Improving business practices via automated data analysis! The idea is to play with several variables, test various models without having to be an expert or master all the methods! Thanks to the artificial intelligence guiding the business user during the data exploration process! Automation Is Changing Data Science and bridging the gap between data science teams and business users …


4 septembre 2020

How ‘Publish Or Perish’ Slows Down Science Progress || #RetractionWatch

20 août 2020

The Basics of Peer Review #PsychologicalScience

3 août 2020

Visual exploration of scientific literature using #VOSviewer and #CitNetExplorer

3 août 2020

Anne-Wil Harzing on the origins of the Journal Quality List and Publish or Perish, Interview on the JQL and the Publish or Perish software

13 juillet 2020

In Conversation with Danny Dorling – Slowdown | We should welcome the current slowdown—of population growth, economies, and technological innovation »

Dorling, D. (2020). Slowdown: The End of the Great Acceleration–And Why It’s Good for the Planet, the Economy, and Our Lives. Yale University Press.

30 juin 2020

What if we considered our conceptualisation beyond the classic formative/reflective approach? Welcome to network analysis!

You can read this article:

Schmittmann, V. D., Cramer, A. O., Waldorp, L. J., Epskamp, S., Kievit, R. A., & Borsboom, D. (2013). Deconstructing the construct: A network perspective on psychological phenomena. New ideas in psychology31(1), 43-53.

The method is not a methodology revolution but it’s an original contribution to deal with concepts! The approach is focusing more on the concepts as dynamic networks of relation. It’s an interesting perspective and the authors did a nice pedagogic job to make things easier to understand and apply.


24 juin 2020

Research Methods – Media Analysis & Visual Methods applications

20 juin 2020

#IBM SPSS 27 is released! #PowerAnalysis #EffectSizes #GlobalSearch

18 juin 2020

The Advantages of Starting with Theory: Addressing the Issue of HARKing (hypothesizing after the results are known)

18 juin 2020

Gender Inclusive Branding and Its Consequences for Marketers #MSI