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2 décembre 2021

Education Technology in the southeast Asian Market! New Updates and a helicopter view of their ecosystems

1 décembre 2021

KPMG Has Predicted That Society Will Collapse In 2040 … Now the mainstream structures are waking up too! It will probably happen earlier than that!

Looking Back on the Limits of Growth Science Smithsonian

In 1972 a group of researchers at MIT concluded that society was on its way to a complete collapse and that by 2040, today’s modern world would end in absolute failure. This shocking prediction brought in a lot of attention and a follow-up study was introduced by KPMG. Instead of finding evidence to dismiss the previous findings, the KMPG study shocked the world by declaring that we were ahead of schedule in this prediction. Societies or advanced civilizations as we know them have existed for around 10,000 years. During this era of earth’s history, many rose to great power, and just as many collapsed leaving only residues of their territories. Historians have always worked to analyze the specific reasons leading to the demise of great civilizations, and while most details remain unknown, we do see repeating patterns in the various collapses. Essentially all determining factors leading to a collapse fall into 4 different broad categories.

Limits to Growth by Kpmg

29 novembre 2021

I repeat it since 2014 and I confirm it again, the atlanto-zionist order is in accelerated decline! The world has changed and this is important news for mankind #EschatologyProphecies #China #Russia

29 novembre 2021

Book Review: Behavioral Insights by Michael Hallsworth and Elspeth Kirkman

In Behavioral Insights, Michael Hallsworth and Elspeth Kirkman offer a pragmatic and engaging new overview of behavioural informed design, exploring its history, application, limitations and its future possibilities. Gee Connolly recommends the book to anyone looking for a succinct and clear summary of the behavioural insights approach as well as tangible techniques for applying insights to real-world scenarios.

Behavioral Insights (MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series). Michael Hallsworth and Elspeth Kirkman. MIT Press. 2020.

Newcomers to behavioural public policy have a new book to get a first dip into the field. Behavioral Insights is a pragmatic and engaging overview of behavioural informed design, its history, application in practice, criticisms and limitations and its future possibilities. Michael Hallsworth and Elspeth Kirkman are leading experts in the field and draw on their work within the Behavioural Insights Team (Nudge Unit) to clearly illustrate how behavioural insights can be applied to policy. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a succinct and clear summary of the behavioural insights approach as well as tangible techniques for applying insights to real-world scenarios.

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28 novembre 2021

Comme les autres experts financiers, l’économiste Marc Touati et Francois Asselineau annoncent la probabilité croissante d’une implosion de la zone euro ! Comme l’URSS, la Zone Euro et le dollar americain vivent la fin d’un systeme monetaire de Ponzi bancaire


26 novembre 2021

Le jeu mondial s’accélère et la puissance, les cœurs et les esprits basculent vers l’Est confirmant la fin de l’ère atlantiste! #DrumsOfWW3 #BankstersEmpireEnding

Alain Soral dans une conference il y a plus de 9 ans et qui est plus que premonitoire (video complete) ! Extrait ci dessous

Ci-dessous vous pouvez regarder (cliquez sur l’image) la programmation mentale prédictive pour preparer les masses a leur futur avec une simulation d’une guerre nucléaire diffusée par la BBC il y a quelques années ! Et devinez quoi? Cela commencerait en Ukraine. C’est toujours une coïncidence…L’axe atlanto-sioniste n’a aucune considération ni pour l’humanite, ni pour meme les peuples occidentaux qui seront mis en danger existentiel au service de l’agenda messianique occulte du sionisme. Pour ceux qui cherchent la vérité, le bon présage est que l’Eschatologie prédit que l’OTAN (L’aile armée de l’agenda sioniste) sera vaincue dans la guerre à venir ! Observons avec curiosite intellectuelle ceux qui sont prêts à déclencher l’Armageddon et à mourir pour Israël sans même s’en rendre compte.
26 novembre 2021

Dr Robert Thibault | (Pre-) Registration: triumphs, deviations, solutions

24 novembre 2021

Palestine Will Be Free 🇵🇸! Land Of Dignity And Victory! Because Being Silent Is Betrayal قولوا للقلقان … ميقلقشى, دولة الأحلام … ماتقلقشى, تحت هذا الليل

يا نقا الإسلام … طرح بلبل فى ندى الإسلام … فلسطينى مثل موج البحر … مثل الموج حيث لا تلتام … جراحاتى حيث لا تلتام … و لا تذبل حيث كل ختام … لآهاتى يبتدى من الآن … من الآتى مثل موج البحر … مثل الموج قولوا للقلقان … ميقلقشى دولة الأحلام … ماتقلقشى تحت هذا الليل … و هذى الأرض كلهم قد نام … مؤدى الفرض يا ابو زيد الخيل … متقلقشى كلهم قد صام … و قد صلى صابره و عصام … و ما شا الله حيوا أهل الشام … يا أهل الله يا عباد الله … عباد الله

Big brother tries to silence people with Anti-BDS laws, IHRA law censorship, internet shadow-bans and BigTech anti-freedom algorithms, pressures on careers if you dare to speak, intelligence services illegal continuous monitoring and cyber-spying to intimidate and sanction independent voices, let alone the never ending corrupt mainstream media narratives and demonization of any defense of Palestine or their right to resist,
Do you still believe that humanity lives in a free, civilized or just order?
20 novembre 2021

What a time to be alive! Really, what a meta-historic time! #AtTariqKnockingStar #Eschatology

18 novembre 2021

China has now overtaken the United States in wealth… Global Wealth Surges as China Overtakes U.S. to Grab Top Spot

(Bloomberg) — Global wealth tripled over the last two decades, with China leading the way and overtaking the U.S. for the top spot worldwide.

That’s one of the takeaways from a new report by the research arm of consultants McKinsey & Co. that examines the national balance sheets of ten countries representing more than 60% of world income.

“We are now wealthier than we have ever been,” Jan Mischke, a partner at the McKinsey Global Institute in Zurich, said in an interview.

Net worth worldwide rose to $514 trillion in 2020, from $156 trillion in 2000, according to the study. China accounted for almost one-third of the increase. Its wealth skyrocketed to $120 trillion from a mere $7 trillion in 2000, the year before it joined the World Trade Organization, speeding its economic ascent.

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15 novembre 2021

Text Mining – Topic Modeling avec Knime

13 novembre 2021

End of the Road: How Money Became Worthless | The Financial Crisis is inevitable because it’s just the biggest Ponzi scheme ever recorded #BrettonWoodsScam ! The end is closer than ever

12 novembre 2021

What’s happening at Cumbre Vieja volcano in the Canary Islands? Is there a risk of a Tsunami as theorized in the academic study of Ward & Day? #LasPalmas #Americas #Africa #Europe #EastCoast بركان لابالما

Steven N. Ward and Simon Day in a 2001 research article proposed that a Holocene change in the eruptive activity of Cumbre Vieja volcano and a fracture on the volcano that formed during an eruption in 1949 may be the prelude to a giant collapse leading to a Tsunami with a wave reaching 900 meters high! According to the researchers it will need only 9 hours to reach the east coast.

Watch the documentary above broadcasted some years ago (2011) on the French channel TV5! For English/Arabic activate the subtitles on Youtube. You can read the full scientific article here

10 novembre 2021

Machine learning – Text Mining avec Knime

7 novembre 2021

Utopia or Dystopia? In a world order built on lies, corrupt visions and systematic oppression of counter-narratives, technology becomes a permanent danger not a blessing! Humanity lives in a deeply deceptive and unsustainable system