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1 A Generalizable Scale of Propensity to Plan Netmeyer
2 Absorption Disposition Bruner scales
3 Acceptance of Sexual Violence Bruner scales
4 Accountability Degree Bruner scales
5 Acculturation Bruner scales
6 Adaptive Selling: ADAPTS Netmeyer
7 Aesthetic Appeal Bruner scales
8 Aesthetic Formality Bruner scales
9 Affective Response (Negative) Bruner scales
10 Agentic Orientation Bruner scales
11 Agents’ Socially Desirable Responding: ASDR Scale Netmeyer
12 Alienation: Consumer Alienation From the Marketplace Netmeyer
13 Alliance Competence and Alliance Resources Netmeyer
14 Alliance Orientation Netmeyer
15 Ambivalence of Product Evaluation Bruner scales
16 Ambivalence Toward the Object Bruner scales
17 Analytic/Holistic Thinking Scale: AHS Netmeyer
18 Anger Bruner scales
19 Anger Bruner scales
20 Anger at the Service Provider Bruner scales
21 Anthropomorphizing Bruner scales
22 Anticipated Saving Success Bruner scales
23 Anxiety (General) Bruner scales
24 Anxiety (Service Usage) Bruner scales
25 Anxiety (Technological) Bruner scales
26 Anxiety (Technological) Bruner scales
27 Appendix to Involvement: Comparing Four Modified Involvement Scales Netmeyer
28 Arousal Seeking Tendency: AST Netmeyer
29 Assertiveness and Aggressiveness Netmeyer
30 Attachment to the Brand (Brand-Self Connection) Bruner scales
31 Attachment to the Brand (Passion) Bruner scales
32 Attachment to the Brand (Prominence) Bruner scales
33 Attendance Likelihood Bruner scales
34 Attention to Social Comparison Information: ATSCI Netmeyer
35 Attitude Confidence Bruner scales
36 Attitude Toward « Green » Marketing Claims (Believability) Bruner scales
37 Attitude Toward « Green » Products (Environmental Benefits) Bruner scales
38 Attitude Toward « Green » Products (Expensive) Bruner scales
39 Attitude Toward a Debt Consolidation Loans Bruner scales
40 Attitude Toward a Low Price Guarantee (Information Focus) Bruner scales
41 Attitude Toward a Low Price Guarantee (Protection Focus) Bruner scales
42 Attitude Toward a Self-Designed Product Bruner scales
43 Attitude Toward Brands in a Product Class Bruner scales
44 Attitude toward Christmas Bruner scales
45 Attitude Toward Code Switching Bruner scales
46 Attitude Toward Homosexuality Bruner scales
47 Attitude Toward Offshore Services (Communication Problem) Bruner scales
48 Attitude Toward Offshore Services (Customer-Foreign-Worker Disconnect) Bruner scales
49 Attitude Toward Offshore Services (Data Security) Bruner scales
50 Attitude Toward Offshore Services (Foreign Worker Enmity) Bruner scales
51 Attitude Toward Offshore Services (Free-Trade Resentment) Bruner scales
52 Attitude Toward Playing the Game Bruner scales
53 Attitude Toward Private Label Products Scale Netmeyer
54 Attitude Toward Product-Related Environmental Claims (Skepticism) Bruner scales
55 Attitude Toward the Act (Opening Account) Bruner scales
56 Attitude Toward the Ad (Affective) Bruner scales
57 Attitude Toward the Ad (Believability) Bruner scales
58 Attitude Toward the Ad (Focused Nostalgia) Bruner scales
59 Attitude Toward the Ad (General Nostalgia) Bruner scales
60 Attitude Toward the Ad (Informativeness) Bruner scales
61 Attitude Toward the Ad (Intrusiveness) Bruner scales
62 Attitude Toward the Ad (Novelty) Bruner scales
63 Attitude Toward the Ad (Pre-Birth Era Nostalgia) Bruner scales
64 Attitude Toward the Ad (Usefulness) Bruner scales
65 Attitude Toward the Ad (Violence) Bruner scales
66 Attitude Toward the Brand (Capabilities) Bruner scales
67 Attitude Toward the Brand (Hatred) Bruner scales
68 Attitude Toward the Company (General) Bruner scales
69 Attitude Toward the Company (Social Responsibility) Bruner scales
70 Attitude Toward the Investment (Riskiness) Bruner scales
71 Attitude Toward the Investment (Value) Bruner scales
72 Attitude Toward the Logo (Clarity) Bruner scales
73 Attitude Toward the Logo (Interestingness) Bruner scales
74 Attitude Toward the Low Price Claim (Customer-Oriented) Bruner scales
75 Attitude Toward the Low Price Claim (Self-Serving) Bruner scales
76 Attitude Toward the Movie (General) Bruner scales
77 Attitude Toward the Organization (Admiration) Bruner scales
78 Attitude Toward the Product (Symbolic) Bruner scales
79 Attitude Toward the Product (Utilitarian) Bruner scales
80 Attitude Toward the Product Placement Bruner scales
81 Attitude Toward the Product-Brand (Hedonic) Bruner scales
82 Attitude Toward the Product-Brand (Utilitarian) Bruner scales
83 Attitude Toward the Salesperson Bruner scales
84 Attitude Toward the Sponsorship Bruner scales
85 Attitude Toward the Text Bruner scales
86 Attitude Toward the Website (Design) Bruner scales
87 Attitude Toward the Website (Image) Bruner scales
88 Attitude Toward the Website (Online Community) Bruner scales
89 Attitude Toward the Website (Security) Bruner scales
90 Attitude Toward the Website (Shopping Enjoyment) Bruner scales
91 Attitude Toward Word-of-Mouth (On-line) Bruner scales
92 Attitudes Influencing Monetary Donations to Charitable Organizations Netmeyer
93 Attractiveness Bruner scales
94 Balanced Inventory of Desirable Responding: BIDR Netmeyer
95 Behavioral Activation System Bruner scales
96 Behavioral Control Bruner scales
97 Behavioral Control Over the Disease Bruner scales
98 Behavioral Identification Form: BIF Netmeyer
99 Behavioral Inhibition and Behavioral Activation Systems: BIS/BAS Scales Netmeyer
100 Behavioral Inhibition System Bruner scales
101 Belief in Karma Bruner scales
102 Body Size Bruner scales
103 Brand Bias (Domestic vs Foreign) Bruner scales
104 Brand Experience Scale Netmeyer
105 Brand Familiarity Bruner scales
106 Brand Foreignness Bruner scales
107 Brand Personality Netmeyer
108 Brand Personality Appeal (Clarity) Bruner scales
109 Brand Personality Appeal (Favorability) Bruner scales
110 Brand Personality Appeal (Originality) Bruner scales
111 Brand Popularity Bruner scales
112 Brand Relevance (Risk Reduction Function) Bruner scales
113 Brand Relevance (Social Demonstrance Function) Bruner scales
114 Brand Relevance in Category Bruner scales
115 Brand Switcher Bruner scales
116 Brief Mood Introspection Scale: BMIS Netmeyer
117 Burnout in Customer Service Representatives Netmeyer
118 Business Ethics: Ethical Behavior in Research Organizations Netmeyer
119 Cart Abandonment (Concern about Order Costs) Bruner scales
120 Cart Abandonment (Concern about Privacy-Security) Bruner scales
121 Cart Abandonment (Search for Better Price) Bruner scales
122 Cart Abandonment Frequency Bruner scales
123 Cart Usage as a Decision Tool Bruner scales
124 Cause Participation Intention Bruner scales
125 Cause-Related Marketing Motive Attributions (Serving Society) Bruner scales
126 Centrality of Visual Product Aesthetics Netmeyer
127 Change Seeking Index: CSI Short Form Netmeyer
128 Choice Confusion Bruner scales
129 Choice Difficulty Bruner scales
130 Choice Freedom Bruner scales
131 Clinical Screener for Classifying Compulsive Consumers Netmeyer
132 Cognitive and Sensory Innovativeness Netmeyer
133 Cognitive Resource Demands Bruner scales
134 Cognitive Resource Demands Bruner scales
135 Commitment to the Brand Bruner scales
136 Commitment to the Relationship Bruner scales
137 Commitment to the Relationship Bruner scales
138 Communal Orientation Bruner scales
139 Communication Competence Bruner scales
140 Competence Bruner scales
141 Competence Bruner scales
142 Complexity of Calculation Task Bruner scales
143 Complexity of the Product Bruner scales
144 Components of Involvement: CP Netmeyer
145 Compulsive Buying Index (CBI): An Expanded Measure Netmeyer
146 Confidence (General) Bruner scales
147 Confidence in the Company Bruner scales
148 Confidence in the Socio-Political System Bruner scales
149 Congruence (General) Bruner scales
150 Connectedness (General Social) Bruner scales
151 Connectedness with an Individual Bruner scales
152 Conscientiousness Bruner scales
153 Consensus of Reviews Bruner scales
154 Consequences of Unhealthy Behaviors Bruner scales
155 Consumer Attitudes to Debt Netmeyer
156 Consumer Attitudes Toward Marketing and Consumerism Netmeyer
157 Consumer Attitudes Toward Marketplace Globalization Netmeyer
158 Consumer Emotional Intelligence Scale: CEIS Netmeyer
159 Consumer Evaluations of Brand Extensions Netmeyer
160 Consumer Involvement Profiles: CIP Netmeyer
161 Consumer Self-Confidence: CSC Netmeyer
162 Consumer Spending Self-Control: CSSC Netmeyer
163 Consumer Styles Inventory: CSI Netmeyer
164 Consumer’s Need for Uniqueness: CNFU Netmeyer
165 Consumers’ Emotional Attachments to Brands Netmeyer
166 Contact Frequency Irritation Bruner scales
167 Control: Supervisory Control Netmeyer
168 Convenience of the Transaction (Digital) Bruner scales
169 Coping Netmeyer
170 Country Image Scale Netmeyer
171 Country-of-Origin Scale Netmeyer
172 Creativity Bruner scales
173 Culture: Organizational Culture Netmeyer
174 Customer Orientation Netmeyer
175 Customer Orientation of Salespeople: SOCO Netmeyer
176 Customer-Based Reputation of a Service Firm: CBR Scale Netmeyer
177 Deal Exclusivity Bruner scales
178 Deal Exclusivity Justification Bruner scales
179 Debt Consolidation Loans (Non-Interest Issues Importance) Bruner scales
180 Decision-Making Style (Head vs Heart) Bruner scales
181 Design Ability Bruner scales
182 Desirability of the Food Bruner scales
183 Difficulty of the Task Bruner scales
184 Difficulty of the Task Bruner scales
185 Discomfort (Psychological) Bruner scales
186 Disconfirmation Sensitivity Bruner scales
187 Discontent: Consumer Discontent Scale Netmeyer
188 Disidentification (Consumer) Bruner scales
189 Disidentification (National) Bruner scales
190 Domain Specific Innovativeness: DSI Netmeyer
191 Economic and Social Satisfaction Netmeyer
192 Effectiveness of Disease Detection Bruner scales
193 Efficacy (Recycling) Bruner scales
194 Effort to Receive Sales Promotion Benefit (Post-purchase) Bruner scales
195 Effort to Receive Sales Promotion Benefit (Pre-purchase) Bruner scales
196 Elaboration on Potential Outcomes: EPO Scale Netmeyer
197 Electronic Service Quality: E-S-QUAL Netmeyer
198 Emergent Nature Bruner scales
199 Emotional Contagion Susceptibility Bruner scales
200 Emotional Display Response (Negative) Bruner scales
201 Emotional Display Response (Positive) Bruner scales
202 Emotional Information Management (Control) Bruner scales
203 Emotional Information Management (Empathy) Bruner scales
204 Emotional Information Management (Optimism) Bruner scales
205 Emotional Information Management (Recognition) Bruner scales
206 Emotional Receptivity Bruner scales
207 Emotions: Consumption Emotions Set: CES Netmeyer
208 Emotions: Dimensions of Emotions: PAD Netmeyer
209 Enduring Involvement Index Netmeyer
210 Engagement with the Ad Bruner scales
211 Environmentalism Bruner scales
212 Environmentally Responsible Consumers: ECOSCALE Netmeyer
213 Ethics: Corporate Ethics Scale: CEP Netmeyer
214 Ethics: Improving Evaluations of Business Ethics Netmeyer
215 Ethics: Marketing Norms Ethics Scale Netmeyer
216 Ethnic Identification Bruner scales
217 Ethnocentrism: Consumer Ethnocentrism: CETSCALE Netmeyer
218 Evaluation of Another Person’s Attitude (Incorrect) Bruner scales
219 Event-Sponsor Congruence Bruner scales
220 Experiential Value Scale: EVS Netmeyer
221 Expertise, Trustworthiness, and Attractiveness of Celebrity Endorsers Netmeyer
222 Exploratory Buying Behavior Tendencies: EBBT Netmeyer
223 Exploratory Tendencies in Consumer Behavior Scales: ETCBS Netmeyer
224 Faith in Intuition Bruner scales
225 Feelings Toward Ads Netmeyer
226 Financial Harmony Bruner scales
227 Fit (General) Bruner scales
228 Flirting Superiority Bruner scales
229 Flow (On-line) Bruner scales
230 Four Optimal Stimulation Level Measures Netmeyer
231 Frugality Scale Netmeyer
232 Frustration with the Service Provider Bruner scales
233 Gender Dimensions of Brand Personality Netmeyer
234 General Self-Control Netmeyer
235 Gentleness of the Product Bruner scales
236 Goal Attainment Motivation Bruner scales
237 Greediness of the Company Bruner scales
238 GREEN Consumer Values Netmeyer
239 Guilt Bruner scales
240 Health Consciousness Scale: HCS Netmeyer
241 Health Motivation Bruner scales
242 Hedonic and Utilitarian Consumer Attitudes Netmeyer
243 Hedonic and Utilitarian Shopping Values Netmeyer
244 Hedonic Shopping Motivations Netmeyer
245 Hedonic/Utilitarian Attitudes: HED/UT Netmeyer
246 Helplessness Bruner scales
247 High in Emergent Nature Consumers Netmeyer
248 Horizontal and Vertical Individualism and Collectivism Netmeyer
249 Hyperopia Netmeyer
250 IGEN Scales Netmeyer
251 Imagery Elaboration (Ad Evoked) Bruner scales
252 Implicit Person Theory Bruner scales
253 Impulsiveness: Buying Impulsiveness Scale Netmeyer
254 Impulsiveness: Consumer Impulsiveness Scale: CIS Netmeyer
255 Independent and Interdependent Self-Construals Netmeyer
256 Individualism-Collectivism Bruner scales
257 Influence Strategies in Marketing Channels Netmeyer
258 Informational and Transformational Ad Content Netmeyer
259 Innovativeness (Open Processing) Bruner scales
260 Innovativeness (Product Trial) Bruner scales
261 Innovativeness (Technological) Bruner scales
262 Innovativeness: Consumer Innovativeness Netmeyer
263 Innovativeness: Use Innovativeness Netmeyer
264 Intention to Recommend Bruner scales
265 Interaction Orientation Netmeyer
266 Internet Shopping (Importance of Merchandise Variety) Bruner scales
267 Internet Shopping (Importance of Off-line Presence) Bruner scales
268 Internet Shopping (Importance of Price Orientation) Bruner scales
269 Internet Shopping (Importance of Website Attractiveness) Bruner scales
270 Internet Shopping Motivation (Affiliation) Bruner scales
271 Internet Shopping Motivation (Convenience) Bruner scales
272 Internet Shopping Motivation (Early Adoption) Bruner scales
273 Internet Shopping Motivation (Personalized Notification) Bruner scales
274 Internet Shopping Motivation (Price Negotiation) Bruner scales
275 Internet Shopping Motivation (Stimulation Seeking) Bruner scales
276 Interpersonal Influence: Consumer Susceptibility to Interpersonal Influence Netmeyer
277 Interpersonal Orientation: CAD Scale Netmeyer
278 Involvement in the Study Bruner scales
279 Involvement in the Task Bruner scales
280 Involvement with Crafts Bruner scales
281 Involvement with Running Bruner scales
282 Involvement with the Brand (Signaling) Bruner scales
283 Involvement with the Reading Task Bruner scales
284 Job Characteristic Inventory: JCI Netmeyer
285 Job Description Index: JDI Netmeyer
286 Job Diagnostic Survey: JDS Netmeyer
287 Job Satisfaction of Industrial Salesperson: INDSALES Netmeyer
288 Joy (Malicious) Bruner scales
289 Justice (Interactional) Bruner scales
290 Justice (Procedural) Bruner scales
291 Knowledge (Subjective) Bruner scales
292 Knowledge of Brands in a Product Class Bruner scales
293 Knowledge of Video Game Consoles Bruner scales
294 Lead User (Domain Specific) Bruner scales
295 Leadership: Transactional and Transformational Leadership Netmeyer
296 Leisure: Subjective Leisure Scales: SLS Netmeyer
297 Life Change Bruner scales
298 Likeability of the Offer Bruner scales
299 List of Values: LOV Netmeyer
300 Loan Management Intentions Bruner scales
301 Locus of Control (General) Bruner scales
302 Long-Term Orientation (Planning) Bruner scales
303 Long-Term Orientation: LTO Netmeyer
304 Low Price Guarantee Trust Violation Bruner scales
305 Managers’ Perceptions of Relationship Marketing in Inter-Organizational Exchanges Netmeyer
306 Market Maven: Propensity to Provide Marketplace and Shopping Information Netmeyer
307 Market Mavenism Bruner scales
308 Market Mavenism Bruner scales
309 Market Orientation Netmeyer
310 Market Orientation: MARKOR Netmeyer
311 Market Power Netmeyer
312 Market Share Estimate Bruner scales
313 Marketing Research: Trust and Use of Market Research Netmeyer
314 Material Possession Love (Commitment) Bruner scales
315 Material Possession Love (Intimacy) Bruner scales
316 Material Possession Love (Passion) Bruner scales
317 Material Values Netmeyer
318 Material Values (MVS): Short Forms Netmeyer
319 Materialism Measure Netmeyer
320 Materialism Scales Netmeyer
321 Materialistic Attitudes: MMA Netmeyer
322 Maximization Netmeyer
323 Meaning of Branded Products Scale Netmeyer
324 Meaningfulness (General) Bruner scales
325 Measure of CRM Process and Its Impact on Performance Netmeyer
326 Memory Quality Bruner scales
327 Money Attitude Scale: MAS Netmeyer
328 Mood (General) Bruner scales
329 Mood Short Form: MSF Netmeyer
330 Moral Identity Netmeyer
331 Need for Affect (Approach) Bruner scales
332 Need for Cognition: NFC Netmeyer
333 Need for Touch: NFT Netmeyer
334 Need for Unique Products Bruner scales
335 Need for Uniqueness (Consumer’s) Bruner scales
336 Need for Uniqueness (General) Bruner scales
337 Need to Evaluate: NES Netmeyer
338 New Involvement Profile: NIP Netmeyer
339 New Measure of Brand Personality: NMBP Netmeyer
340 Norms: Relational Norms Netmeyer
341 Nostalgia Scale Netmeyer
342 Novelty (General) Bruner scales
343 Observability of Product Usage Outcomes Bruner scales
344 Occupational and Organizational Commitment Netmeyer
345 Opinion Leaders and Opinion Seekers: OL and OS Netmeyer
346 Opinion Leadership Netmeyer
347 Opinion Leadership and Information Seeking Netmeyer
348 Opportunity Cost Consideration Bruner scales
349 Organizational Citizenship Behaviors: OCBs Netmeyer
350 Organizational Commitment Netmeyer
351 Organizational Commitment: OCQ Netmeyer
352 Organizational Justice Netmeyer
353 Organizational Service Orientation: SERV*OR Netmeyer
354 Originality Bruner scales
355 Ownership (Perceived) Bruner scales
356 Participation (Customer with Service Provider) Bruner scales
357 Participation Benefits (Relational) Bruner scales
358 Participation Benefits (Service Quality) Bruner scales
359 Perceived Leader Behavior Scales Netmeyer
360 Perfectionism Bruner scales
361 Performance: Supplier Perceptions of Reseller Performance Netmeyer
362 Personal Cultural Orientation (Ambiguity Intolerance) Bruner scales
363 Personal Cultural Orientation (Gender Equality) Bruner scales
364 Personal Cultural Orientation (Independence) Bruner scales
365 Personal Cultural Orientation (Interdependence) Bruner scales
366 Personal Cultural Orientation (Masculinity) Bruner scales
367 Personal Cultural Orientation (Power) Bruner scales
368 Personal Cultural Orientation (Prudence) Bruner scales
369 Personal Cultural Orientation (Risk Aversion) Bruner scales
370 Personal Cultural Orientation (Social Inequality) Bruner scales
371 Personal Cultural Orientation (Tradition) Bruner scales
372 Personal Involvement Inventory: PII Netmeyer
373 Persuasiveness of the Ad Bruner scales
374 PII for Advertising: PIIA Netmeyer
375 Polychronic Attitude Index: PAI Netmeyer
376 Positive and Negative Affect Scales: PANAS Netmeyer
377 Possessions: Attachment to Possessions Netmeyer
378 Power and Influence in Group Settings Netmeyer
379 Power Distance Bruner scales
380 Power Distance Bruner scales
381 Power in Channels Netmeyer
382 Power Over a Company Bruner scales
383 Power Sources in a Marketing Channel Netmeyer
384 Preference for Consistency: PFC Netmeyer
385 Price Perception Scales Netmeyer
386 Price Promotion Entitlement Bruner scales
387 Pricing Tactic Persuasion Knowledge: PTPK Netmeyer
388 Pride Bruner scales
389 Pride Bruner scales
390 Product Disposal Intention Bruner scales
391 Product Evaluation (Food) Bruner scales
392 Product Evaluation (Food) Bruner scales
393 Product Evaluation (Self-Designed) Bruner scales
394 Product Failure Blame Attribution Bruner scales
395 Product Failure Blame Attribution Bruner scales
396 Product Failure Severity Bruner scales
397 Product Failure Severity Bruner scales
398 Product Intelligence Netmeyer
399 Product Retention Tendency: PRT Netmeyer
400 Product Usage Barriers Bruner scales
401 Product Usage Frequency Bruner scales
402 Propensity to Plan Bruner scales
403 Public Opinion Toward Advertising Netmeyer
404 Purchase Decision Involvement: PDI Netmeyer
405 Purchase Intention at the Website Bruner scales
406 Purchase Urgency Bruner scales
407 Purchasing Involvement: PI Netmeyer
408 Readiness for a Task Bruner scales
409 Recycling Intention Bruner scales
410 Reference Group Influence: Consumer Susceptibility to Reference Group Influence Netmeyer
411 Reflection Bruner scales
412 Regret (Anticipated) Bruner scales
413 Regret Experience Measure: REM Netmeyer
414 Regulatory Focus Composite Scale: RF-COMP Netmeyer
415 Regulatory Focus Questionnaire: RFQ Netmeyer
416 Relational Benefits (Economic) Bruner scales
417 Relational Worth (Acquiescence) Bruner scales
418 Relational Worth (Advocacy) Bruner scales
419 Relational Worth (Honesty) Bruner scales
420 Relational Worth (Immunity) Bruner scales
421 Relational Worth (Openness) Bruner scales
422 Relationship with the Company (Mutual Acceptance) Bruner scales
423 Religiosity (Evangelical) Bruner scales
424 Repurchase Intention Bruner scales
425 Response Profile: Viewer Response Profile: VRP Netmeyer
426 Retaliatory Behavior (Complaining for Publicity) Bruner scales
427 Retaliatory Behavior (Revenge) Bruner scales
428 Retaliatory Behavior (Vindictive Complaining) Bruner scales
429 Reward Policies (Controlling) Bruner scales
430 Rhythm Bruner scales
431 Risk (General) Bruner scales
432 Risk (General) Bruner scales
433 Risk (Performance) Bruner scales
434 Role Ambiguity: Multifaceted, Multidimensional Role Ambiguity: MULTIRAM Netmeyer
435 Role Clarity (Customer) Bruner scales
436 Role Conflict and Role Ambiguity Netmeyer
437 Role Overload of the Wife Netmeyer
438 RPII and OPII Netmeyer
439 Sales Force Theory-of-Mind Scale: SToM Netmeyer
440 Sales Performance Scale Netmeyer
441 Sales Promotion Preference Bruner scales
442 Salesperson Performance Netmeyer
443 Satisfaction with Service Bruner scales
444 Satisfaction with Stock Portfolio Bruner scales
445 Satisfaction with the Relationship Bruner scales
446 Satisfaction-Channel Satisfaction: SATIND and SATDIR Netmeyer
447 Second-Hand Shopping Motivation (Avoidance of Traditional Outlets) Bruner scales
448 Second-Hand Shopping Motivation (Economic) Bruner scales
449 Second-Hand Shopping Motivation (Nostalgia) Bruner scales
450 Second-Hand Shopping Motivation (Socializing) Bruner scales
451 Second-Hand Shopping Motivation (Treasure Hunting) Bruner scales
452 Security Importance Bruner scales
453 Self-Appraisal Bruner scales
454 Self-Brand Connection Netmeyer
455 Self-Concept Clarity: SCC Netmeyer
456 Self-Concepts, Person Concepts, and Product Concepts Netmeyer
457 Self-Consciousness (Public) Bruner scales
458 Self-Efficacy (Product Evaluation) Bruner scales
459 Self-Efficacy (Services) Bruner scales
460 Self-Esteem (State) Bruner scales
461 Self-Monitoring (Ability to Modify Self-Presentation) Bruner scales
462 Self-Monitoring (Sensitivity to the Expressive Behavior of Others) Bruner scales
463 Self-Monitoring Scale Netmeyer
464 Self-Monitoring Scale: Revised Form Netmeyer
465 Self-Regulatory Focus (Overall) Bruner scales
466 Self-Regulatory Focus (Prevention) Bruner scales
467 Self-Regulatory Focus (Promotion) Bruner scales
468 Self-service Technology Quality (Customization) Bruner scales
469 Self-service Technology Quality (Enjoyment) Bruner scales
470 Self-service Technology Quality (Functionality) Bruner scales
471 Sentiment: The Index of Consumer Sentiment Toward Marketing Netmeyer
472 Service Convenience (Access) Bruner scales
473 Service Convenience (Usage) Bruner scales
474 Service Convenience: SERVCON Netmeyer
475 Service Quality of Retail Stores Netmeyer
476 Service Quality of the Website Bruner scales
477 Service Quality: Physical Distribution Service Quality Netmeyer
478 Service Quality: SERVQUAL Netmeyer
479 Shame Bruner scales
480 Shopping Motivation (Role Enactment) Bruner scales
481 Shopping Orientation (Spatial Economic) Bruner scales
482 Shopping Orientation (Temporal Economic) Bruner scales
483 Shopping Skill Bruner scales
484 Side Effects Likelihood Bruner scales
485 Side Effects Severity Bruner scales
486 Similarity (Self to Other) Bruner scales
487 Similarity to Another Person Bruner scales
488 Similarity to the Story Character Bruner scales
489 Situation-Specific Thinking Styles: STSS Netmeyer
490 Skepticism Bruner scales
491 Skepticism Toward a Store’s Promotion Bruner scales
492 Skepticism Toward Advertising Netmeyer
493 Smoking Intention Bruner scales
494 Smoking-Related Beliefs (Attractiveness) Bruner scales
495 Social Comparison Orientation Bruner scales
496 Socially Responsible Consumption Behavior: SRCB Netmeyer
497 Sophistication Bruner scales
498 Speed of Transaction (Digital) Bruner scales
499 Spendthrift-Tightwad Bruner scales
500 Store Image Bruner scales
501 Strength of the Product Bruner scales
502 Style of Processing Scale: SOP Netmeyer
503 Switching Costs (General) Bruner scales
504 Temporal Focus Scale: TFS Netmeyer
505 Temporal Orientation (Future) Bruner scales
506 Temporal Orientation (Future) Bruner scales
507 Temporal Orientation (Future) Bruner scales
508 Temporal Orientation (Past) Bruner scales
509 Temporal Orientation (Present) Bruner scales
510 Temporal Proximity Bruner scales
511 Ten-Item and Five-Item Personality Inventories Netmeyer
512 Tension: Job-Induced Tension Netmeyer
513 The eTail Quality Scale: eTailQ Netmeyer
514 The Rokeach Value Survey: RVS Netmeyer
515 The Spendthrift-Tightwad Scale: ST-TW Netmeyer
516 The Technology Readiness Index (or Techqual™) Netmeyer
517 Trust in the Brand Bruner scales
518 TV Program Connectedness Scale Netmeyer
519 Underdog (External Disadvantage) Bruner scales
520 Underdog (Passion & Determination) Bruner scales
521 Uniqueness Threat (Consumer’s) Bruner scales
522 Uniqueness: Desire for Unique Consumer Products: DUCP Netmeyer
523 Usefulness of the Object Bruner scales
524 Usefulness of the Product Bruner scales
525 Value (Social) Bruner scales
526 Value Consciousness and Coupon Proneness: VC and CP Netmeyer
527 Value of the Celebrity’s Possession Bruner scales
528 Value of the Transaction Bruner scales
529 Vanity: Trait Aspects of Vanity Netmeyer
530 Video Game Playing Frequency Bruner scales
531 Video Game Violence Bruner scales
532 Visual Aesthetics Centrality Bruner scales
533 Voluntary Simplicity Scale: VSS Netmeyer
534 Warmth (General) Bruner scales
535 Website Consultation Intention Bruner scales
536 Website Interactivity (Control) Bruner scales
537 Website Revisit Intention Bruner scales
538 Website Search Intention Bruner scales
539 Website Service Quality (Efficiency) Bruner scales
540 Website Service Quality (Fulfillment) Bruner scales
541 Website Service Quality (Privacy) Bruner scales
542 Website Service Quality (System Availability) Bruner scales
543 Website Usage (Instrumental Need) Bruner scales
544 Website Usage (Relational Need) Bruner scales
545 Willpower Bruner scales
546 Word of Mouth (Hypothetical) Bruner scales
547 Word-of-Mouth (Hypothetical) Bruner scales
548 Word-of-Mouth (Negative) Bruner scales
549 Word-of-Mouth (Support Seeking) Bruner scales
550 Word-of-Mouth Intention (Positive) Bruner scales
551 Work-Family Conflict and Family-Work Conflict Scales Netmeyer
Source of work based on 2 handbooks of marketing scales :
Handbook of Marketing Scales: Multi-Item Measures for Marketing and Consumer Behavior Research (Association for Consumer Research) [Hardcover] 3rd edition
by William O. Bearden, Richard G. Netemeyer, Kelly L. Haws
Marketing Scales Handbook, Volume 7: Consumer Behavior (Marketing Scales Series) [Hardcover]
by II Gordon C. Bruner, Paul J. Hensel, Karen E. James V7 version

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