4- Palestine 🇵🇸, Geopolitics & Eschatology

Welcome to this space dedicated to the effort of cultural emancipation from the Atlanto-Zionist narratives. This page supports Palestine and its legitimate right to free itself from occupation. It also covers my perception and views about how eschatology predicts what we are observing on the global stage.

I share my views and facts on the transition to a multipolar world order. By atlanto-zionist axis, i mean western elites and their vassals around the globe. I lived long enough in the west to see and understand that populations are being lied to. The masses live inside a bubble of consumerism and lies. The population is also so brainwashed that they don’t do the effort to question the system. Covid19 started changing things, but we are probably 5 years late to be able to change or oppose a serious resistance to the globalist system.

I dare to talk, even if it has a cost for me, because my identity is public and no one should be naïve! For such opinions, if you defend Palestine, talk about the religious ongoing conspiracy to push the world towards world war 3, they will try to silence you via indirect pressures (for example, sending political police in 3rd world countries to intimidate you), or pressuring you in the west via various means, or backlisting you as a conspiracy theorist or even radical if you have some religious values. We know their wicked methods, but the agenda exists and it has satanic objectives and means.

Freedom starts with truth and daring to challenge our mental maps. I started understanding the nature of this system in 2014 and since then, events confirmed my views on the evolution of the world.

Once you start understanding the reality of the present system, you will no longer be impressed with gadgetry, modernist ideology, political discourses or other temptations. You will see it as it is, a collapsing order built on the basis of falsehood and oppression of mankind.



As a reminder, according to a 2020 research, the vast majority of Arab citizens (not regimes) 88% against any normalization/legitimization of the Zionist entity

Do not forget this fact every time someone talks about an ongoing « historical change » because the vast majority of voices are simply not represented and/or silenced by the political police of regimes

The 2019-2020 Arab Opinion Index

للتذكير ، وفقًا لبحث عام 2020 ، فإن الغالبية العظمى من المواطنين العرب (وليس الأنظمة) تعارض 88٪ أي تطبيع / شرعنة للكيان الصهيوني

Expect the destruction of Al Aqsa Mosque in the future, in the name of the « fake antichrist peace », The temple institute is already salivating and preparing for it. The fanatic political agenda of the atlanto-zionist axis (Israel and it’s sponsors in the western bloc) will drive mankind to chaos and world war 3! I repeat these facts publicly since 2014 and each day confirms that we are all hostages of the fanatic Zionist views.


A metaphor for many Arab regimes nowadays: 2+2=5🇮🇱🤫, otherwise 👮! Let’s never forget that Arab nations are 88%* to say 2+2=4🇵🇸 !

Expect Soon to see some Arab regimes making it illegal to be antizionist or criticize Israel! You don’t believe me? just wait and you will see it yourself! It’s going to be worse than what’s happening in the west in terms of persecution. It will become forbidden to criticize the supremacist, racist, fanatic politico-religious Zionist […]

Des musulmans qui parlaient de messianisme américain etaient souvent accuses de complotisme! Voici donc nos amis chrétiens qui disent pareil et rejoignent l’eveil mondial 😉 Un excellent entretien avec Nikola Mirkovic #InstitutStratpol

Ayant grandi aux Etats-Unis, l’auteur de ce livre Nicolas Mirkovic, croyait bien connaître ce pays jusqu’au jour où celui-ci s’est mis à bombarder le pays de son père : la Yougoslavie. Consterné, il a commencé à se renseigner et lire davantage sur l’histoire de ces USA qu’il j’aimait tant. Pendant de nombreuses années il a […]

إسرائيلية تسخر من التطبيع مع الإمارات بأغنية « لو كل العرب زي دبي »The Israeli artist Noam Shuster-Eliassi mocks normalization with the UAE with the song « If all Arabs are like Dubai »

Israeli comedian Noam Schuster mocked Israeli-Arab normalization, especially with the UAE, through a song saying that Israel got Arabs’ money and made them forget the Palestinian cause. The artist mocked normalization, saying in her song, which she performed mostly in Arabic and broadcast on the Israeli « Kan » channel: « At the end of the tunnel is […]

I repeat it publicly since 2014, NATO (Atlanto-Zionist axis) wants to encircle and sink Russia, China & countries which are still independent and who resist it’s dominion agenda

The events are not expected to happen in 25 or 50 years, it’s coming sooner than what you might think folks, time to be realistic about it and counter the warmongers narratives. Corrupt elites advance their agenda because the masses are often naïve, passive and ignorant. Dumbing down the people, locking up their intellectuals, harassing […]

Russia indisputably conducts the best foreign policy nowadays & demonstrates great wisdom, spiritual intelligence and an excellent geopolitical vision! #ChristianOrthodoxRussia🇷🇺 #CпасибоРоссия

Should Russia Invade eastern Ukraine now to make sure no one will put NATO nukes on it’s borders? Or Wait until Ukraine joins NATO and then invokes the article 5 of NATO collective defense putting Russia between a Rock and a hard place, because if Russia responds afterwards it would mean world war 3! NATO […]

Happy New Year 2022🥳🥳🥳& God Bless Palestine 🇵🇸! We are millions to observe & clearly understand the objectives around the holy land & persist to prioritize Palestine as the unique, most sacred, fair case to solve if humanity seeks peace!

Palestine is the only compass for those who seek to understand the hidden/latent forces pulling the strings behind the curtains of global geopolitics. Using deception as a tool will yield bad outcomes for those who are driving mankind towards chaos! The present vanishing geopolitical order who falsely pretends to defend justice/human rights can put thousands […]

While « some Arab press » pushes towards the forced westernization of peoples, let us recall 3 major errors about #Christmas! #CulturalBrainwashing

I have deep sympathy and respect for Christians around the world. Having lived and worked with them for years, I took the time to learn more about their culture, values ​​and I have great respect for them. Despite this respect and this precaution that I take at the beginning so as not to offend any […]

Censorship on western owned media and social networks continues and gives evidence that humanity lives inside a planetary dystopia! Free speech becomes a myth when you dare to expose the real power/agenda!

Western media regulators (OFCOM UK, CSA France, German media regulators, U.S Department of state), western social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter closes accounts/channels of countries/individuals the atlanto-zionist axis dislikes or wants to censor. Many documented cases like tv channels from latin america, Persian media, Russian outlets, Chinese media, independent journalists, intellectuals, etc. are permanently banned […]

After 20 years of perpetual wars on Muslim countries, Is the U.S trying to rebrand it’s deplorable image and seduce Muslims to fight on it’s side in a prospective world war 3? Is this a bis-repetita of WW2 with Russia, China & Iran marketed as the « new nazis »?

Before starting, since we live in a world where brainwashing of the masses is so intense that I’m forced to recall certain oratorical precautions with regard to my readers before addressing the topic. I would like to remind them that I have many friends and people that I had the pleasure to meet and know […]

#BloombergReport: Israeli company NSO Group is considering shutting down its Pegasus spyware product and selling the entire company! So panicking started?

In the digital world, any system is vulnerable and any security encryption can be potentially decrypted/intercepted and the 0 flaw does not exist because the operating systems are designed with backdoors/exploits for remote monitoring, let alone the hardware vulnerabilities and the metadata that record many tiny details (How, for example, does Israeli occupation recognize the […]

Extraits de -l’amour, tolerance et de la paix- qui débordent du projet messianique atlanto-sioniste! 🤦‍👌

Moise Zemmour, derniere trouvaille de l’oligarchie aux commandes, travaille a detourner la colere populaire legitime d’origine socio-politique, en un conflit ethnico-religieux avec le choc des civilisations comme doxa. Le musulman serait designe comme l’ennemi et la source des maux, en appelant indirectement a des neo-croisades (au service de qui ?). C’est vulgaire, mesquin et mediocre […]

Respect to the students and Palestine supporters who had the dignity and courage to reject the whitewashing of colonialism done by the ambassador of the apartheid entity! #LSE #Harvard

This is how we recognize brilliant people! A critical mind and the courage to refuse to submit or to compromise with injustice and oppression! Similar episodes have taken place in the world’s most prestigious institutions confirming an international awakening and rejection of Israeli propaganda (Remember the Harvard episode-you can see some footage below-). This is […]

Palestine Will Be Free 🇵🇸! Land Of Dignity And Victory! Because Being Silent Is Betrayal قولوا للقلقان … ميقلقشى, دولة الأحلام … ماتقلقشى, تحت هذا الليل

يا نقا الإسلام … طرح بلبل فى ندى الإسلام … فلسطينى مثل موج البحر … مثل الموج حيث لا تلتام … جراحاتى حيث لا تلتام … و لا تذبل حيث كل ختام … لآهاتى يبتدى من الآن … من الآتى مثل موج البحر … مثل الموج قولوا للقلقان … ميقلقشى دولة الأحلام … ماتقلقشى تحت […]

What’s happening at Cumbre Vieja volcano in the Canary Islands? Is there a risk of a Tsunami as theorized in the academic study of Ward & Day? #LasPalmas #Americas #Africa #Europe #EastCoast بركان لابالما

Steven N. Ward and Simon Day in a 2001 research article proposed that a Holocene change in the eruptive activity of Cumbre Vieja volcano and a fracture on the volcano that formed during an eruption in 1949 may be the prelude to a giant collapse leading to a Tsunami with a wave reaching 900 meters […]

Épistémicides : L’impérialisme m’a TueR | Epistemicides: Imperialism KILLED me | By Fatima Khemilat

Grace a l’internet qui a rendu le controle vertical de l’information impossible, l’humanite est en train de s’emanciper de la derniere forme d’hegemonie culturelle et coloniale! La masse se reveille sur la nature du systeme dominant et se dirige droit vers l’emancipation culturelle! La derniere digue coloniale qui etait invisible est en train de s’ecrouler! […]

Pentagon’s first software chief quit because China has already won global tech war

The Pentagon’s former software chief said he quit because China has already won the tech war guaranteeing global dominance — with some US government systems mere “kindergarten level” in comparison. Nicolas Chaillan, 37, told the Financial Times on Sunday that there is “good reason to be angry” at the US failing to rise to China’s cyber threat, […]

Review of the book « the colonizer and the colonized » by Albert Memmi! How to undo the mental chains that are maintained in order to perpetuate the neo-colonial hegemony and legitimize it! Understand how the dominion narrative continues to sabotage the emancipation of the intellectual elites of the ex-colonies! #MahdiMandjra #MalcolmX #FrantzFanon التحرر الثقافي

Elmandjra, M. (1996). La decolonisation culturelle, defi majeur du XXI^ e siecle. FUTURIBLES-PARIS-, 57-61.

Third world failed states, vassal regimes with no sovereignty, collapsing civilizations share in common an obsessive tendency towards policing voices, ideas & opinions! Intellectual boldness, freedom of conscience & cultural emancipation from the dominant narrative are the unique way of salvation for mankind! #OMNIS451

« For we are opposed around the worldBy a monolithic and ruthless conspiracyThat relies primarilyOn covert means for expandingIts sphere of influenceOn infiltration instead of invasionOn subversion instead of electionsOn intimidation instead of free choiceOn guerrillas by nightInstead of armies by day it is a system which has conscriptedVast human and material resourcesInto the buildingOf a […]

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