The Biggest Mistake Of Saudi Arabia & The Mountain Of Gold (The Bogus Petrodollar Monetary System)!

What a legendary passage of the great scholar Imran N. Hossein: « In a world filled with donkeys all you have to do is write checks (print paper money). You could buy all the oil of Saudi Arabia free of charge »


Here is the same analysis conducted by the financial expert Marin Katusa! Arabs are being looted from their resources and condemned to live under the boots of oppression and all they get is paper! Which TV channel will show you that or explain to you this big monetary Ponzi? None!

I had some good friends in the US, but what I’m saying here is about their economic system, and many of them acknowledge that it’s a Ponzi looting other nations and start waking up. America is printing paper currency and importing for free, goods, services, workforce without any tangible counterpart. This printing is used not for the welfare of Americans or humanity, but for a permanent warfare.

Those who are not ready to listen to it then too bad for them, I chose academia to be intellectually free and not to be a public servant who presents PowerPoint and writes papers in an obscure language. The leitmotiv of my life is to follow the steps of the Mahdi Al Mandjra through the call for intellectual, economic, political and cultural emancipation from the myths of the globalist order that I have understood enough after years of living within it. I know that the « deep state » behind the curtains and their vassals put intellectually independent people on watch lists « human rights is myth for the hypnotized ». But, that doesn’t bother me, everyone is in their role after all. Many dictators are sponsored, whitewashed and armed by this globalist imperial system while millions of innocent people live in misery, persecution and wars. It’s time to say it loudly and denounce the head of the system not the insignificant tentacles.

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