Jesus Christ⛪🕌, prophet, free soul & reformer, was hunted down by the establishment (roman empire🦅) after the continuous pressure/incitement of the Deep-State (❓🤫)! 2000 years later, Bis Repetita?

Are the moral values preached by Jesus Christ alive or even tolerated today? Who tries to enslave humanity inside an illogical cultural ecosystem? Who enforces and imposes strange societal laws and who decides where to put the red lines? Why all the globe seems to go towards the same direction? Is it an agenda or another « coincidence »?

The best way to honor the prophet Jesus Christ is to remind people the values he stood for. The Holy Coran cited the prophet Jesus more than the beloved prophet Mohammed peace be upon him to remind mankind in times of darkness that it’s the same moral message and Muslims also wait for his return! Today humanity lives in it’s one of the most deceptive, corrupt and darkest ages, where injustice, decadence and falsehood are dominant and under the control of an oppressive global order. If the Christ comes back, he will be probably put on some global security watchlist as a a dangerous subversive threat to the establishment values and interests.

The deep state will incite against his moral values again saying it’s intolerance, and his rejection of usury and fake money as backwardness and the media will spend the day stigmatizing him and his followers and demonizing them as cavemen incapable of embracing the fruits of modernity. They would probably be banned, censored everywhere in the name of « peace, common prosperity under falsehood, political correctness and a fake conception of humanism where decadence is seen as the new standard of human emancipation ».

Despite the cultural brainwashing, the hasbara and unlike Lady Gaga’s clips filled with mysterious occult signs, we don’t forget or approve Juda’s messy behavior! We stand with Moses, Jesus Christ and The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them in rejecting the values of the Novus ordo seclorum.

Which « Forthcoming Nicolae » can be compatible with the values of the present world order? Some may be tempted to say that the movie « Left Behind » was a documentary!

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