While Christian Russia inaugurates the largest mosque in Europe in a gesture of friendship towards the 20 million Muslims who live there since 1200 years, the French government is now the world’s islamophobia lab waging permanent ‘neo-crusades’ against the Muslim minority and prohibits any criticism of such policies

Let’s remind our readers that France was condemned by many international human rights associations and the European courts for it’s violations. For example, Human Rights Watch (HRW), CAIR and many other associations condemned the government shut down of the leading anti-discrimination group CCIF. The association was legally defending Muslims in courts for free against racism and systemic hate speech! The French government move threatened basic human rights and liberties including freedom of expression, association, religion and the principle of nondiscrimination. The same happened to Baraka City a charity association dismantled by an administrative decision and not a judiciary decision or any form of trial.

Moreover, France demanded the signing of a charter requiring Muslim associations not to denounce any state/systemic racism in France. This is a blatant and severe violation of the right to free speech of a religious minority. We are not surprised, when we recall that this regime has previous records in the past and banned Frantz Fanon’s book on « the mental chains of the colonized » in the 1960s because it was seen as a threat for the security of the state. Imagine if a Muslim country asks a minority not to point out the dysfunctions/systemic racism against them? We would have had a global scandal.


A document was also circulating in some universities asking to identify staff or students with signs of religiosity or faith and report this information discreetly. Let alone the political watchlists where people are identified based on their opinions and world views and can be denied public services, harassed or illegally monitored by secret services simply because the state dislikes their opinions.

France does not blame Muslims for breaking the French laws, no, this is not the case. She reproaches them for not adhering to the values of the regime, like under Stalin reign, you must be a communist or you are a traitor, because yes fanatic secularism is an ideology, and the French version is leaning towards the totalitarian style. There is a specific name for these violations for religious reasons or opinions, it happened in the past and we call it the Inquisition. Imagine if a Muslim country sanctions Christian, Jewish, or other associations because ‘do not declare sharing all its values’. For example, fasting Ramadan, believing in one God, supporting Palestine or refusing fornication, etc. This is called everywhere: thought police

The practice of collective punishment is also one of the signs of the Inquisition. To close an entire structure without a court decision is a collective punishment and persecution, so isn’t that fascism when the individual behavior leads to collective responsibility and sanctions?

For me, I understood many years ago that France entered a neo-fascist era because the oligarchy ruling over this country is now exposed and the Yellow vests was just a start announcing important forthcoming changes. This is why I knew France isn’t the promised paradise on earth where you can speak freely! I was able to see and understand the political game, and I knew early that independent opinions were not appreciated by the real « deep state » controlling this nation. Since 2019, the system is no longer capable of convincing and persuading massively the people, they need now to use more violent laws, administrative procedures, symbolic and financial oppression to silence the independent voices.

Muslims in 2022 in France, live under permanent humiliation and fear of speaking out in the face of a political and media system which harasses them daily. They are under permanent intellectual terror! I found myself many times censoring myself to avoid having unnecessary hassle, and I simply stopped watching French TV propaganda since 2016, but such a situation was not normal while France pretends to be a safe harbor for free speech. It’s absolutely false and many people are waking up to this. There is no freedom of speech in France, the country is ranked 37th in freedom of press by RSF. Let alone countless examples of double standards if you dare to touch sensitive topics, question official versions, criticize the excess in being pro-Israel and cover their crimes, or the hypocrisy of the dominant doxa about human rights. The opinions are either criminalized as hate speech, separatism, or attacked as victimization. To put it simply, the only solution accepted is silence and the regime accepts only acquiescence. According to the official narrative, if Muslims integrate into society, it is Islamic entryism (i.e.: infiltration), if they stand aside to avoid trouble, they become separatists.

Eric Zemmour (the pro-zionist French presidential candidate condemned for racism by a court and still promoted on all the news channels) clearly says that for him Islam and Islamism are the same thing. The semantic slip is happening step by step, using the root word « Islam » and adding all the toxic accusations to prepare the hearts and minds for more abuse and repression to come! Vilification of entire groups and minorities is always the first step towards horror. Unfortunately a sleeping mass of citizens does not understand yet the extremely worrying direction France is taking.

The French people and the millenary catholic France are hostages of the same obscure forces that fomented the revolution to destroy Russia in 1917 and destroy it’s faith. They failed in Russia, but they ‘partially’ succeeded in making France their unconscious Golem! French patriots should question, be curious and help emancipate their nation from the dark forces hiding behind the curtains. It’s never too late!

To contradict the narrative of the French state or to question with arguments their policies becomes « political Islam »! Muslims who accept such humiliating and neocolonial treatment are either without dignity or simply stupid. The problem largely stems from who controls the mass media, I recommend the work of Thomas Deltombe in his book, « L’islam imaginaire » which demonstrates the role of the media in fueling hate against Muslims and Islam in France, since 3 decades.

Le vrai peuple de France, patriote, cartesien et intelligent se reveillera et comprendra que ni l’islam, ni les musulmans ne sont leurs ennemis ! Vive le peuple authentique, Vive la vraie France croyante, cultivee et humble !

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