The war against Russia, Iran and China has been planned for a long time & the heart of the project is the Judeo-protestant messianic Zionist objectives! NATO is endangering all of humanity!

The elites at the helm of this agenda, give no weight to their peoples or to humanity! According to them, millions of Europeans, Americans, Arabs, Asians, etc., can die in a terminal atomic conflict provided they achieve their goals of domination. I have never hidden these opinions for the past 7 years and have expressed them publicly and repeatedly at whatever cost, in Europe and in the USA. I am not afraid or ashamed to speak, because it’s more than ever the time to denounce it! After that it will already be too late and martial laws will prohibit anyone from speaking! It happened before and it will happen again. In the meantime, expect them to implement new censorship laws calling it « fighting conspiracy theories ». It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s called eschatology (End Times Prophecies) and serious geopolitics, not the propaganda served on mainstream TV to keep the average joe asleep and distracted.

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