I respect the smart patriotic Americans who understand & dare to defend the truth! They are rare, but they exist! Israel is pushing humanity to Armageddon for the sake of it’s fanatic religious dreams #HumanityIsFedUpWithZionistWars

Retired US General Lawrence Wilkerson said that Israel won’t exist as a state in 20 years because it is delegitimizing itself as an apartheid state and that Israel is « the most likely state in the world to take the United States to Armageddon »
Ken’O Keefe brilliant speech! Ken renounced his U.S citizenship after his service as a Marine in the U.S Army
Saudi arabia is the creation of the atlanto-zionist axis (Britain created Al saoud regime), and radical Wahhabism was used to spread violence and prepare the ground for Israel to expand while staining the image of Islam as a religion and governance system! The Western secret services and several Arab secret services participated in these crimes at the request of the West (Remember the ex French minister Roland Dumas confession?). It was no accident, but a satanic geopolitical plan designed to destroy the part of the Arab world refusing Zionism for the benefit of Israel. Russia, Syria and Iran thwarted this agenda at the right time! Now that the NATO’s backed terrorists failed, the mainstream media want to market it as a sectarian conflict between sunis and shia or a Russian aggression ! It was all for Israel, since day 1! Now the same forces are fueling sectarian hate against Iran to prepare millions of naïve Arab minds to fight Iran for the benefit of the Israeli messianic dreams! You will find behind this hasbara the same players.

You can read here the document « A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties » By Oded Yinon

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