Happy New Year 2022🥳🥳🥳& God Bless Palestine 🇵🇸! We are millions to observe & clearly understand the objectives around the holy land & persist to prioritize Palestine as the unique, most sacred, fair case to solve if humanity seeks peace!

Palestine is the only compass for those who seek to understand the hidden/latent forces pulling the strings behind the curtains of global geopolitics. Using deception as a tool will yield bad outcomes for those who are driving mankind towards chaos!

The present vanishing geopolitical order who falsely pretends to defend justice/human rights can put thousands of thinkers on their censorship and security watchlists, harass independent academics and intellectuals behind the curtains, cyber-spy on them 24/7 and initiate hidden warfare to silence them (Canary Mission, backlisting, etc.), it will not change their convictions about the righteousness of what they defend. Freedom of speech in the west is a myth when it comes to serious topics. Fake freedom is not freedom.

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