While « some Arab press » pushes towards the forced westernization of peoples, let us recall 3 major errors about #Christmas! #CulturalBrainwashing

I have deep sympathy and respect for Christians around the world. Having lived and worked with them for years, I took the time to learn more about their culture, values ​​and I have great respect for them. Despite this respect and this precaution that I take at the beginning so as not to offend any sensitivity, I never wanted to become a carbon copy of other people way of life without understanding and I took the time to form an independent opinion. So why I’m not interested in having a Christmas tree in my home? Or Drink Champaign as a sign of « modernity » or being « cool »?

Unfortunately, third world countries like those of the Arab world are under pressure by hidden forces and there is always an inferiority complex of their elites, intellectuals, the media, where they always seek to copy and promote the way of life of others and foreign values ​​as standard of progress and modernity. This is part of the post-colonial alienation and brainwashing where they don’t have enough confidence in themselves to defend their values and identity. I see continuous efforts to promote strange values in eastern societies by the authorized media (free press is in jails) and it becomes dangerous to counter or expose the falsehood of such narratives, because some Arab regimes portray anyone who question such policies as an enemy of their interests🤡, maybe accusing him of being intolerant🤡, promoting foreign agendas🤡, and maybe being behind the global warming🤡, the HIV disease🤡, world hunger, etc.🤡 and the list of ridiculous accusations is very long inside a collapsing Arab world.

So here is a brief historical reminder about the Christmas tradition: ⬇️

1- The date of Christmas is probably wrong! First the date of birth of the prophet Jesus Christ is not known. It can be January 7 like in orthodox Russia or December 25th like in the West. Moreover, when the holy virgin Mary gave birth she did so during a hot season and not during the cold. The Qur’an indicates that she gave birth under a palm tree and where dates were available. So it was definitely not the winter season.

2- The year of birth of Jesus is probably wrong! For those who do not like Russia, then let’s discover another country known to be a fortress of Orthodox Christianity (original form where believers pray in rituals almost similar to Muslims). The year of birth of Jesus, would be in the Ethiopian calendar 7 to 8 years behind the Gregorian calendar. So according to the Ethiopian calendar, we are therefore in the year 2014 and not in 2021 if we refer to the original Christian calendar.

3- The origin of the symbols around Christmas are pagan and not Christian. I share with you this video which details all these elements (Even honest Christians confirm these facts in the comments).

So my question is, should we celebrate it in December 25th, during the summer or January 7th? Do you want to celebrate it genuinely to show the love and respect for the prophet Jesus Christ? Was your question simply a confirmation of the western cultural hegemony/domination? Can we question who is pressuring you to push such narrative?

Happy Holidays to believers all over the world because Jesus is a symbol of justice for everyone

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