Censorship on western owned media and social networks continues and gives evidence that humanity lives inside a planetary dystopia! Free speech becomes a myth when you dare to expose the real power/agenda!

Western media regulators (OFCOM UK, CSA France, German media regulators, U.S Department of state), western social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter closes accounts/channels of countries/individuals the atlanto-zionist axis dislikes or wants to censor. Many documented cases like tv channels from latin america, Persian media, Russian outlets, Chinese media, independent journalists, intellectuals, etc. are permanently banned from the western media/digital ecosystem sometimes without evidence of a breach of terms. The objective is to keep the masses asleep and hearing only one narrative without contradiction or debate. Facebook for example, declared that they comply with 90% of the Israeli government requests to delete accounts and remove content, groups and pages and this how they try to silence Palestinians, but they are failing miserably, since internet escapes the vertical control of information. They use two arguments to justify it: they say that it’s meant to protect people (because anything they don’t like is labeled hate) and to fight against false information (because they do not lie and have a long history of correctness and truth). If others do the same, they will be labeled horrible repressive dictatorships violating the right to inform people. Isn’t that a « funny democratic dystopia »?

I collected here a tiny sample with some examples to understand the extent of censorship and it’s happening on a global scale:

The question is, why the western media are broadcasting freely without any constraints in the arab-muslim world? Who is promoting strange decadent agendas, showing a distorted image about the arab-muslim world in all his programs, pushing their narratives and geopolitical views on millions of people? Where is reciprocity to be able de broadcast to western people what the other nations have to say about them? Why censoring other nations if western elites « truly believe » in free speech?

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