After 20 years of perpetual wars on Muslim countries, Is the U.S trying to rebrand it’s deplorable image and seduce Muslims to fight on it’s side in a prospective world war 3? Is this a bis-repetita of WW2 with Russia, China & Iran marketed as the « new nazis »?

Before starting, since we live in a world where brainwashing of the masses is so intense that I’m forced to recall certain oratorical precautions with regard to my readers before addressing the topic. I would like to remind them that I have many friends and people that I had the pleasure to meet and know in the United States and Europe and that my text does not concern the millions of Americans/Europeans who love their countries, who are honest citizens and whom I respect. I point here the government and it’s hawkish foreign policies and the geopolitical orientations of the deep-state and not the average joe. Now that it’s done, let’s move on.

The sudden and obscure change in American foreign policy, which has been very aggressive for the past two decades against the Muslim world, calls into question its real objectives. Whether it is the left democratic party or the right republican wing, we know, that they are two wings of the same system. Trump did things vulgarly without hiding, while Biden goes through the leftist veneer of human rights while continuing on the same agenda in the service of the Atlanto-Zionist vision and which has messianic terminal objectives.

The one million dollar question is: why such laws now pretending to care about Muslims? Why trying to stand with human rights while most of the allies (vassals) of the united states in the Arab world are ferocious dictatorships? Why trying to change the image of the Muslim world after countless Hollywood movies portraying them as bloodthirsty terrorists, people living in backwardness, presenting them as intolerant beings, marketing them in mainstream media as dumb/uneducated and labeling their discourse as fanatic/radical when it doesn’t fit the empire’s agenda and views. What changed and why now?

Well, maybe the empire prepares the minds and hearts because it needs to recruit soldiers to go and fight against Russia, China and Iran. The US real policy makers probably need to use the « less educated » fringe of the Muslim world as a geopolitical weapon against the three remaining opponents, as they did in the past in Afghanistan, Chechenia, The middle east and several parts around the globe. The media are working 24/7 to change the priorities in the Arab/Muslim mental maps, here are the updated recurrent themes used to brainwash the masses daily:

  • Russia becomes bad because it’s saved Syria from the western backed terrorists who failed to destroy the Syrian regime? Russia is expansionist, because it took back Crimea, a territory that historically belongs to Russia and it’s only maritime base in hot waters allowing it’s naval fleet to project nuclear dissuasion.
  • China becomes a monster because « it oppresses » the Uyghur Muslim minority? China « oppresses » Taiwan, a territory which belonged to the Chinese people since the Ming Dynasty in the 16 century.
  • And finally, Iran sponsors Palestine and refuses to bow to Zionism, which is a major sin and threatens the « peace seeking » Arab regimes (i.e.: Israel’s new allies). The middle east geopolitical map, MUST be entirely changed to be « Israeli compatible »! Even if 88% of the Arab people continue to reject normalization with Israel according to an opinion poll in 2020, these nations don’t have their word to say according to the « American double Standards ».

Given the meteoric growth of China and Russia in recent years, and especially given their alliance considered to be the most important geopolitical event of the last two centuries, the declining West is facing a serious threat for the first time of its history! Let alone Iran, growing scientifically 11 times faster than the world average and surpassing Israel in terms of scientific output despite 40 years of sanctions. For the first time, we are witnessing an organized, disciplined and resolved bloc not willing to bow down to the western axis and it’s Israeli agenda. I will never forget the speech of Foreign Minister (and ex CIA director) Michael Pompeo when he described what’s happening as holy wars and started talking about the rapture! Nor the support of Biden who said that if Israel did not exist, he would have invented it! I sympathize with those who don’t want to understand and call it a conspiracy theory, the wary eye won’t let go such declarations unnoticed.

We will therefore hear more and more « Abrahamic shared values » in the face of a common threat! We will see the adoption of laws claiming to deliver protection to Muslims in the face of the premeditated rise of racist movements and far right speeches in the West, etc. But we have to remain silent about who is behind the racist discourse of Eric Zemmour in France? Who owns the media in the west and fueled the right wing narratives during the last decade? Who exaggerated the migrants crisis narrative in the media while only one single country in the whole western bloc is ranked among the top 10 countries who give shelter to refugees!?

They slap you with the right hand, while pretending to pet you with the left!

In conclusion, as a citizen of the world who has lived in the West, seen and understood what is going on, I cannot see such disdain and vulgar manipulations and keep silent as if I do not understand them. I thank heavenly providence for having sent Christian Orthodox Russia, proud and nationalist China and the determined Islamic Republic of Iran to be a counter-power to the agenda that some want to impose on mankind.

I don’t forget also that, the indigenous people who fought during the second world war for France and the west see nowadays their children living under systemic racism, permanent mediatic harassment, ingratitude and many of their countries of origin are still hostages under the control/looting of the same system they sought to defend naively in the past. The movie « Days of Glory », « Indigenes » reminds us those untrustworthy alliances.

The same scenario was used during the first world war to dismantle the Turkish Muslim empire via manipulated Arab insurrections to deliver Palestine to Britain, then to create Israel. It’s time to remind the decision makers in NATO that their atlanto-zionist messianic « dreams » are seen as a « nightmare » by billions worldwide seeking to live in peace! It’s a deceptive, violent and chaotic project doomed to fail.


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