#BloombergReport: Israeli company NSO Group is considering shutting down its Pegasus spyware product and selling the entire company! So panicking started?

In the digital world, any system is vulnerable and any security encryption can be potentially decrypted/intercepted and the 0 flaw does not exist because the operating systems are designed with backdoors/exploits for remote monitoring, let alone the hardware vulnerabilities and the metadata that record many tiny details (How, for example, does Israeli occupation recognize the Palestinians who took part in a demonstration and send them intimidating messages to dissuade them from doing so? The location data of the smartphone? Triangulation by GSM antennas? So thanks for the metadata). The NSO firm must certainly panic now that it realizes that it has been possibly complicit in major human rights violations and probably state crimes worldwide and that sooner or later international trials will take place to hold NSO and its potential clients to account. The violation of privacy and the secrecy of correspondence (whether physical or digital) is protected by legal mechanisms in every country and internationally, especially to restrain despotic regimes from misusing them to harm innocent citizens and manufacture bogus cases or terrorize the civil society. For example, an Arab country among the users of such technologies has more than 60000 political prisoners arrested by the political police according to Hareetz. These cyber-weapons manufactured by the atlanto-zionist military industry like (BAE systems, NSO, Amesys, Deep Packet Inspection systems and others) are directly complicit in documented state crimes committed against the civil society, journalists and simple citizens. It’s a matter of time, but it’s sure that justice shall be served.

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