Respect to the students and Palestine supporters who had the dignity and courage to reject the whitewashing of colonialism done by the ambassador of the apartheid entity! #LSE #Harvard

This is how we recognize brilliant people! A critical mind and the courage to refuse to submit or to compromise with injustice and oppression! Similar episodes have taken place in the world’s most prestigious institutions confirming an international awakening and rejection of Israeli propaganda (Remember the Harvard episode-you can see some footage below-). This is why Israel is pushing censorship regulations like the IHRA text to silence students, intellectuals and the academic world and offer coverage to the Israeli colonial crimes! It will not pass! Humanity always ends up rebelling against usurpation, censorship and falsehood. I’m highly confident and optimistic about the future because I see the qualitative leap in consciousness happening worldwide. The future elites are breaking free from the continuous cultural and mass media brainwashing, and this is how societies get prepared for change! The Zionist century is coming to an end and it’s going to happen on a global scale.

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