Third world failed states, vassal regimes with no sovereignty, collapsing civilizations share in common an obsessive tendency towards policing voices, ideas & opinions! Intellectual boldness, freedom of conscience & cultural emancipation from the dominant narrative are the unique way of salvation for mankind! #OMNIS451

« For we are opposed around the world
By a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy
That relies primarily
On covert means for expanding
Its sphere of influence
On infiltration instead of invasion
On subversion instead of elections
On intimidation instead of free choice
On guerrillas by night
Instead of armies by day it is a system which has conscripted
Vast human and material resources
Into the building
Of a tightly-knit, highly efficient
Machine that combines military, diplomatic
Intelligence, economic, scientific
And political operations.
Its preparations are concealed
Not published.
Its mistakes are buried

Not headlined.
Its dissenters are silenced, not praised
. »

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