Aggregation and integration: why 67% of marketers replaced a martech tool in the past year

« The failure of academia to provide tools, or a unified framework for MarTech has given the advantage to IT technicians, who are good at detail and bad at putting together a tool with the big picture! This creates a fragmented sector which lacks meaning and vision! There are more than 8000 solutions nowadays, who can pretend to know them? » YB

Reasons for Replacing a Martech Product

My friends over at MarTech just released their 2021 Martech Replacement Survey, revealing insights into what and why companies switch from one martech application to another.

The top-line finding: there’s a ton of martech swapping happening!

67% of the 374 marketers they surveyed, from SMBs to large enterprises, reported replacing a marketing technology application in the past year. About half of them attributed the switch to their response to the pandemic. But for the other half, this wasn’t about those circumstances, but rather a need they felt regardless.

But the most interesting data to me was the answer to the question, “Why?”

Why Replace Martech?

Read more from the source article here

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