After the « Green Peril » are China and Russia the new « baddies »? #SoftPower

We will see in the coming days more and more critics of China to accuse it concerning the Covid19 of negligence or of concealing facts, except we all know that all this is political and aims to slow down the meteoric rise of China and its Russian partner in all scientific, economic and even military fields.

I see mediocre documentaries on Western media accusing China of all the ills in the world. China is scary, because China has the political unity, the vision and the discipline to pretend to become the new world superpower. China has no colonial ambitions and has not had any in the past! China is looking for prosperity and trade and not some obscure agendas with messianic and eschatological aims as could be the case for some of the proponents of the Abrahamic discourse.

We must expect to see in the months and years to come more and more provocations and defamations against China. The Uighurs are used as a tool to break geographically the road and belt initiative, is a false casus belli aimed at demonizing China in the eyes of Muslims. China has had Muslims on it’s territory for 14 centuries and it was going well, like Russia too, which has always been multiethnic and multi-confessional and on the whole this cohabitation has been possible unlike the West which has known tragedies going as far as at the inquisition, crusades and many other brutal episodes. Moreover, one statistic is enough to understand some realities! Russia contains as many Muslims (nearly 20 million) as the entire Western bloc combined, so Russia and China can pretend to have diversity and multi-ethnic societies compared to some other parts of the world. Nowadays the world plunges into intellectual dictatorship and even recalling these kinds of basic facts bothers those who want to sell inaccurate versions of history to the world.

It is time for humanity to open it’s eyes to the agenda towards which the current order is leading us and to avoid these types of pitfalls! China and Russia are not enemies! They are a necessary and beneficial counter-power to counterbalance the continuous drifts of the current world order.

China and Russia have to enhance their soft power and be more assertive in presenting their project and explain to the masses what is their vision for this century. They realized great achievements but they have to be more persuasive and convincing and present them to the masses.

According to the soft power 30 rankings (, China & Russia are classified as being weak on influence and their soft power while they have all the assets and arguments to be at the top of the list, whether for education, culture, digital, etc.

Chart: The Countries Best And Worst Prepared For An Epidemic | Statista

Here is an example on the preparation for the pandemic made by a Western support (the source used here is Statista), they designated the Anglo-Saxon countries as being the best prepared before the start of the current Covid19 crisis. China was designated as relatively weak in terms of preparedness.

The reality on the ground has shown the opposite, since China managed the crisis very well despite being affected among the first (There are chances that the virus started in other countries before the official version of Wuhan) and also having a genetically homogeneous population which would be more conducive to the spread of the virus. So the same logic applies to other financial rating institutes, socio-political think tanks, rankings often with a Western perspective that is often not neutral or balanced.

I think of rating agencies, rankings of innovation, quality of life, freedom, and those multitudes of documents and reports made to produce a mental image often far from reality, and this is why totalitarian systems want to control the information feed to be sure that only their version and views are presented as the dominant narrative. I have many examples in mind that I could cite in a more detailed article later.

To summarize the way of seeing the world and its dynamics strongly influences decisions and projections for the future and the world has already changed in terms of power, it’s time for the new forces to be more confident because they have many strengths and positive things to share with mankind.


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