#Covid19 was marketed to humanity as originating from China, but what if this pandemic started in another place known for previous leaks/incidents ? #Remember2019VapingCrisis? #AllHypothesisShouldBeOnTheTable

  1. How to explain that 5 million cases had Covid19 antibodies in the United States at the end of December 2019, which is a much higher number than any country and well before the start of the crisis in China?
  2. How to explain that the two epicenters of the epidemic are China and Iran considered as rivals of the USA and Israel? In addition, the epidemic center in Iran would have been the small religious town of Qom, not even the capital Tehran where we could have considered the important flow of passengers from other countries? What are the chances of observing that? It’s closer to miracles than science or probability!
  3. How to explain the vaping epidemic in the USA in 2019 and the rapid closure of the Fort-Detrick military laboratory during the summer, and the lack of a valid explanation by the CDC on the reasons for this epidemic?
  4. How is it that we already hear in a concerted way that the Atlanto-Zionist (Western) axis wants a politicized and oriented investigation against China to explore the origin of Covid19 and not to explore these avenues on the Atlantic coast? ? Who wants a new Nuremberg tribunal to demand reparations from China to curb its scientific, economic and political momentum?

What if this was the plan? A casus belli to blame China, ask for economic compensation in the name of Covid19 and then justify a ww3 to the masses in the name of innocent « self-defense ». What is happening is extremely suspicious and many superficial explanations are not convincing at all!

PS: I don’t agree with all the opinions of Alain Soral, but he has an excellent geopolitical understanding of the global dynamics

It is very important to put all possibilities and hypotheses on the table, and mankind deserves to know the truth. The present version doesn’t make sense and looks more like a political-operation.


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