Are CMOs falling behind with martech? The C-Suite thinks so, and they may be right! #TimeToReformResearch #Inferno?

CMOs Don't Appreciate Technology? Really?

A few weeks ago, I read a white paper produced by Rackspace Technology, How Applications Impact Customer Experience. (Spoiler alert: in a digital world, applications are customer experience, so you’d better make them delightful. As a result, CX has become the top priority CIOs and IT. Yay.)

Almost in passing, however, there was the chart above (I added the dotted line highlight).

CMOs were ranked second-to-last as members of the C-suite who best understand the importance, use, and bottom-line benefits of technology to business. Only CROs, who live in the same orbit as CMOs, were ranked lower (at a dismal 6% — yikes).

Read the full article from it’s source here at

Because the modern academic model has failed to provide relevant and practical research for managers, the technical people from the IT have taken over and are now piloting the marketing activity with the result of a disciplinary implosion with more than 8000 tools identified in the MarTech. Soon we will witness a major impact on the university curriculum and business schools because no one will know anymore what type of common knowledge, concepts, tools are useful/important for marketing majors and necessary to train in an effective way Business students. The present fragmentation is risky because it lacks a holistic approach and purpose in what is being done, the technical guys are good at having a narrow/focused view on their own niche of expertise but can’t convey the big picture, this should be the role of an ambitious academic community! Time to initiate a positive change to escape the technical inferno created by this lack of vision! (Yassine El Bouchikhi)

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