Many thanks to the JASP statistical software team! A tool that I have taught in Europe and the USA but never in my country or continent! Hoping one day to see that our nations exist on the scientific and educational map! For now, our academic ecosystem is ominously static!

Mehdi el manjra, defined underdevelopment as being the countries which do not invest in the development of their human capital! All the rich or developed countries have understood that the first resource is human beings, any path that does not promote education and its development is a dead end.

المهدي المنجرة يعرّف التخلف بأنه الدول التي لا تستثمر في تنمية رأس مالها البشري! لقد أدركت جميع الدول الغنية أو المتقدمة أن المورد الأول هو الإنسان ، وأي مسار لا يعزز تعليمه ، وتطويره هو طريق مسدود وضد مصالح الأمة

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