The obelisk symbol from babylon to the atlanto-zionist axis landmarks has an obscure relation with sacred geometry/occultism and it’s not there by chance!

Babylon (Obelisk picture) is the place where Harout and Marout (Arabic: هَرُوتَ وَمَرُوتَ) are two angels mentioned in the Koranic text in sura 2 (v.102). They taught magic as well as the “knowledge which separates and divides couples”, they told people that this is only a test and one must not become a disbeliever. At the heart of present western civilization and the false sunrise that comes from the west, there are great secrets and many question marks that only eschatology can rationally explain.

People living in the west are right to question the roots of the obscure scientism, secret societies in their ruling elites and the antichrist order prophesied by all the religious messages!

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