Romanticizing poverty harms the poor! Poverty is not an exotic attraction #Poortainment #TourismPromotion #PovertyCinema #PR

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Next time when you see an advertising campaign, a movie or a public relations campaign with poor kids smiling, barefooted angels, poor streets, fragile craftsmen, old people with poor dental hygiene without professional protection and living from a daily job and who smile at you! All wrapped with a nice atmospheric music talking about passion, humanity, beauty and generosity! Wake-up and remember that behind this manufactured facade there is a context of deep misery!

Selling the images of the weakest to promote consumption is to violate the dignity that remains to them and romanticize their daily dire conditions! Remember this is not fun for them, and no one likes to serve as an attraction inside a zoo and they didn’t choose to live like that, they simply were not given the opportunity to get lifted up from misery for a better life! Let alone the stigma and stereotyping that goes with it!

Poverty is NOT something to fetichize!

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