Pioneering in science!? American propaganda Vs. Hard facts!



1- Innovation? China has more innovation patents than the USA since 2017! China is already testing 6G while USA and the west are still battling over 5G technology!

2- Cancer cures, really? Among the 4 top producers of nanotechnology research you have 3 Asian countries and again China is leading! So who should we believe? Pompeo or official statistics?

3- Super computing and artificial intelligence, really mike? China has already achieved quantum supremacy in December 2020 and in terms of artificial intelligence they have very sophisticated researchers

4- Monetary system and financial technologies? China is already ahead with digital currencies adoption and blockchain deployment

5- Nuclear science technologies? China is already ahead with the plasma fusion and artificial sun

I feel sad to see American people being lied to and fooled by their government, because the American era is over! The world leadership has already shifted to Eurasia! The U.S establishment should explain to it’s people why it happened and what decisions led to this free fall of the United states over the last decade! Let alone the fact the the dollar is living on borrowed time and the advantage or printing money in limitless quantities to get unfair advantages from the status of world reserve currency is over! Mike can seduce (deceive?) the Saudi or Emirati government by telling them he is the most powerful country on earth, but it’s no longer true! America has a lot of weapons bought with paper petrodollar yes, but is it enough to claim civilizational/scientific superiority? I don’t think so! Facts are much more interesting than swallowing cheap talk!

Dr. Yassine El.

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