Managing Marketing Agility #AMA!

Is the hyper-inflation of imported jargon/terminology brought from computer science going to continue? Even to create the whole universe with all it’s diversity, God used 118 elements (table of elements), in marketing I counted more than 3000 concepts and measurements! So these concepts/jargon inflation is not a sign of progress, but a serious problem confirming a hyper fragmentation and the absence of sound foundations in the ongoing academic endeavor!

« Changes in the way customers shop, accompanied by an explosion of customer touchpoints and fast-changing competitive and technological dynamics, have led to an increased emphasis on agile marketing. This Journal of Marketing article investigates the emerging practice of marketing agility. »

The academic research has to ask go beyond superficial questions and wonder where research is headed and assess the present value of the academic output! If there are no reliable rules or methods, then there should be no pretention to claim it as a scientific discipline! It’s just going to be a sort of obscure articles to pet the academic egos!
Agile methods mean at the end trying and experimenting different things, like what the famous business author Thomas Davenport recommended some years ago!

Doing experiences to test what works! So it’s an « unofficial » recognition that academia failed to identify common rules/methods that guarantee some success (if they exist) to business! Importing new jargon from the IT, using complex statistical methods for models, or creating new concepts/measurement scales is adding more complexity and mess to the field, while what we need today is to restructure and search for the big picture! I’m sorry, I’m not judging the authors or their work, I’m sharing what i think about the total loss of meaning and purpose in the modern « research »! We are in the wrong lane dear friends!


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