We need a #GreatReset but not only financial, we need a #MoralReset ! #MoralValues&Purpose

The system is going through a global crisis … a corrupted economic, financial, academic system, the moral values that drive it, the political order, the meaning and purpose for which humans rise every morning to produce and contribute to society and the human adventure … this order is in deep and terminal crisis! The adventure will be short lived and reminds us that what was built on unhealthy foundations never lasts.

This system was intended to aggregate resources (human, economic, moral, etc.) to achieve an unstated goal, the majority of people never ask these questions drowned in their daily lives and concerns very futile and puerile. I am one of those who do not regret the old order because I understood its nature a long time ago, a little too early! We are in a messed up world where everything has to be rebuilt and it starts with sound foundations: simplicity, authenticity, and meaning are the values of the future!


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