Do you know what is an #Epistemicide? #BigAcademia should not swallow/invisibilize other conceptions of the world

Do you know what the epistemologies of the south are?

Whenever you cite a report, author, newspaper from the north / west and ignore other works from the south / east you participate in an invisibility to a part of the history and the universe of ideas.

Reinforcement of a western-centered vision that does not necessarily correspond to the reality / concerns of emerging countries or other cultures. We call it an epistemicide! Unknowingly inhibiting any alternative intellectual conception of the world! For example, how many people know that the ancestor of the GPS is of Arab origin and used navigation with stars with a technical system invented by a woman? In feminist and gender studies, how many people know that the oldest university in the world still in operation exists in Morocco and was founded by a woman?

In Marketing everyone cites/follows Anglo-Saxon authors to build theories! Many of these works never cite articles or ideas by authors from the south! We don’t know what is happening in Asia, Africa, Latin America! Even Europe is now a copy trying to mimic this model! The system pushes towards conformity and adopt a unique way of thinking making other conceptions of the world invisible! Are we aware of this? How many authors outside the Western ecosystem are part of your literature review when you write an article or a book chapter? Do you get inspired from research practices or challenges emerging from other ecosystems? Do you cite them in your conferences? Do we have the same needs, cultural codes, spiritual approach towards consumption? Do you cite only English/French academic works? Do you check if there are other interesting ideas in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic works, etc..?

Academic journals are now a form of branding/industrial businesses with big names and large corporate interests! Don’t let this ‘BigAcademia‘ (i.e: similar to BigPharma, BigTech, etc.) swallow the other intellectual ecosystems! The more so as we live in a world where this industrial academic model is deeply questioned on its finalities, practices and a deviant productivism which made know a spectacle industry and not of search for the truth!

These are questions that deserve to be asked so as not to live through the identity of others, but rather to find a fair balance that makes room for everyone!


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