The latest « scientific exploit » from publish ‘&’ perish culture! I don’t even imagine the situation in management, psychology, economics and social sciences

8 Peer reviewed medical papers published and referenced in PubMed used the same « fake » data! Is this model of academia reliable or is it another ‘fake it’ spectacle? 

The future is academic authenticity, cumulative knowledge with simple, useful, replicable robust theories! I prefer one meaningful page to an encyclopedia of empty verbiage! Here are 4 great references that i recommend to address this topic of paramount importance! 

Hubbard, R. (2015). Corrupt research: The case for reconceptualizing empirical management and social science. Sage Publications.

Harris, R. (2017). Rigor mortis: how sloppy science creates worthless cures, crushes hope, and wastes billions. Basic Books.

Tourish, D. (2019). Management studies in crisis: Fraud, deception and meaningless research. Cambridge University Press.

Chambers, C. (2019). The seven deadly sins of psychology: A manifesto for reforming the culture of scientific practice. Princeton University Press.

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