Real peace is made between nations, not illegitimate or vassal regimes! This is the biggest problem facing zionism that no weapon or propaganda is able to solve!


UAE is threatening it’s citizens and residents by legal action if they dare to criticize normalisation with Israel, so where is democracy and human rights narrative?

The USA closes its eyes on these despotic practices of it’s allies when they execute it’s orders and agenda! Well, this is why the west has no credibility and this is why this peace is fake because the regimes have no legitimacy or popular support and this peace is between regimes not nations!


Mike Armageddon supports Israeli crimes and has a hidden extremist messianic agenda … Rapture, Gog and Magog and Holly wars against Russia and any force opposing this morally corrupt Antichrist project! Because Muslims like Christians are waiting for Jesus the son of the virgin Mary return! So these concealed wars on Islam, orthodox Christians is the predicted 3rd temple of the Antichrist and not Christianity whether the hawks governing america like it or not! The objective is to create the great Israel from Nile to Euphrates (Oded Yinon plans and Bernard Lewis?)! This is spiritual blindness and extremism representing a major threat to humanity not simple geopolitics! 

Violating international law and Palestinian rights for some end times evangelical beliefs? What if any other country or president did that? Wouldn’t we call him an extremist and danger to peace and mankind? This is the REAL AGENDA behind the continuous wars in the middle east! I lived in the west long enough to see and understand the system! People are used as spare parts to nurture the system, all the myths about freedom, justice, moral ideals are just dust in the eyes hiding the real agenda! 



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