Will they launch a war on #iran to save the #Petrodollar? Will a ‘limited conflict’ push for a higher oil price, propel the international demand for the dollar again and allow the FED to continue printing trillions?

Will the ‘ruling elites’ launch a war on #Iran in a desperate move to save the #Petrodollar and create an artificial shortage of oil? Will they risk a global conflict also to advance their hidden Zionist eschatological agenda? Is Israel going to start the provocation via a nuclear strike on Iran? I believe YES!  I don’t know when, but i m convinced it will happen…

Such a foolish action will INEVITABLY trigger World War 3! Iran can bomb all the petro dollar Oil infrastructures in the region and send the U.S dollar to oblivion forever, causing a total collapse of all FIAT currencies worldwide! This means massive economic collapse worldwide, runaway inflation, famines of biblical proportions, social unrest, revolutions,etc.! This is THE REAL REASON why they know it’s a very dangerous game  and they can’t control the consequences of such an attack! 

 We know it starts as a conventional war, but it will very quickly escalate to a nuclear conflict!

The persistent warmongering is putting all humanity at risk and i don’t expect lame stream media (left or right) to tell people these truths! 



Iran is 22nd in scientific publications, so why the Orwellian controlled media is not showing that? 

Source: https://www.scimagojr.com/countryrank.php

Iran is in the TOP 20 for world innovations and patents!

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Intellectual_Property_Indicators

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