Where is the ‘freedom of speech’ and artistic liberty? An Egyptian TV series predicts the destruction of Israel and it infuriates the zionist officials

Muslims and Arabs were presented in movies, books and series as backward, inhumane, dumb and lazy, terrorists, etc. for decades! We have seen songs calling to destroy Iran ‘bomb bomb bomb Iran!’, Caricatures of the sacred things in islam and all the possible dehumanization procedures under the name of ‘freedom of speech’! Well now smart people have their own freedom of speech and don’t have to adhere to the atlanto zionist conception of the world! if Israel contests, well ok, it’s their problem! We definitely need more movies and series reminding to our youths the importance to stand up against injustice!

At the same time we have this year the arabic series the ‘guardian of Jerusalem’ who honors the Archbishop Hilarion Capucci a christian catholic who defended his whole life Jerusalem against the israeli occupation and helped the resistance by bringing in the trunk of his car weapons and been jailed by israel several times!

A beautiful example that goes on television in the middle of Ramadan to honor the Christian resistance which also defends the holy places, which recalls that Christians and Muslims lived together on these lands and to remind that the fight is not between religions, but against Zionism!

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