Israel will rule over the Arabs then destroy them! It already started via the control of proxy illegitimate regimes

The Arabs will be destroyed at the end of time as predicted in eschatology (science of the end of time). Israel (holy land) will have to be ruled by an announced antichrist (Mochiakh) before the return of Jesus Christ son of Mary!

The current Arab regimes were installed by the same Atlanto-Zionist forces (after the colonial era) with the aim of keeping our countries in a state of servitude! If we make revolutions like the Arab Spring we will have chaos! If we choose a legitimate leader we will be bombed (like Libya) and under sanctions (like Iran)! if we do not move as a people we will also be destroyed by regimes set up for this purpose (whether they are aware of it or not). The elites installed and maintained in our countries are chosen for their lack of vision and their absolute following of the western Ponzi scheme on the verge of collapse.

They do not have this ability to see it and understand the agenda! They continue to buy their weapons from the same system, believe in its spurious paper money, believe in the double standards and believe it will help them to keep their thrones and positions. The whole system is fragile and we are living its end, unfortunately we will pay the price for our passivity and for having accepted that illegitimate regimes speak in our name and engage us in projects against our most basic interests!

Paying a price to get our freedom or die with dignity (via war or sanctions) is better and more honorable to wait for the coming death or working for illegitimate regimes! We honor those who resisted and continue to resist for their dignity and truth!


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