2020 announces the end of the dystopian system! The holographic smoke screen is no longer capable of hiding the ongoing systemic collapse

One day during a conversation with a university colleague, I told him that I do not believe in this system and that everything looks like a huge ponzi scheme! He replied that it was an impression and that the situation will never change and he was ecstatic to tell me that I was deluding myself. Today I am more convinced than ever that this system is a fraud on all levels! Unlimited impression of money, fake information under the control of an oligarchy, the masses that live in their daily life and their preoccupations and do not ask themselves these kinds of questions, the system’s agencies repeat to the plebs that all is well and that it is to be paranoid to believe in conspiracy narratives, etc … far from it all, I feel like I’m living in the matrix and seeing the green code and shouting at everyone, look there are monstrous flaws and the mass unable to see it. I ended up giving a friendly smile to my colleague and telling him, you might be right … because he seemed to believe it so much! It is a system without a future … everything can change in 1 month … and behind the extreme complexity of a system, there is always the extreme fragility as Nassim Nicholas Taleb says! Black swans are everywhere! There is no island! People were used as spare parts and work force inside this model to achieve hidden messianic objectives… and it was not meant to be sustainable nor durable! The objective was to prepare an ecosystem for the coming world order! And thanks god they are failing because new forces and powers are emerging and impeach it, is this enough to understand that we are probably heading to world war 3?


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