#11septembre2001 #September11th was a fake ‘casus belli’ to ignite evangelical Zionist messianic wars for Israel

September 11th was a ‘casus belli’ operation to justify the evangelical Zionist wars to be waged on the Muslim world, possibly involving the corrupt Saudi government which has always served terrorists and ideology which has been used by Nato to wage war on Russia in Afghanistan by creating Alqaida, or to create a Chechen insurrection against Russia after a peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians for more than 1200 years in this territory, or even by creating Isis to destroy Syria and foment a Sunni-Shiite war at the service of the messianic evangelical Zionist project …


The Saudi regime has always financed and promoted this version of a Protestant Islam (like the Protestant reform which gave birth to evangelical Zionism in England some centuries ago), and never forget that Saudi arabia and Israel are twins, they were created by the same midwife (Britain) and they both fought against the Turkish Islamic caliphate to give Palestine to Zionists… September 11th has left millions of innocent victims and has been used to smear Islam and Muslims by the same forces that created the al-saud regime (and other Arab despots without legitimacy) and that maintain them against the will of Arab nations.  Now these unholy alliance between Arab illegitimate regimes, apartheid Israel and zionist neocons is preparing for a nuclear war against Russia, Iran and China!

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