Humanity is trapped inside a matrix style system that distorts its vision of reality! Corrupt mental models maintained via daily propaganda!

Here are some examples of ‘conclusions / cliches’ constructed from television reports and films which lead the population to construct totally false maps of the world:

1- The Allies won the Second World War: 80% of the Nazi forces were destroyed by the USSR Red Army and not by the Allied forces!

2- Muslims do not know how to live among other religions: no one, for example, thinks of the Russian example, where there are more Muslims than in all Western Europe! 20 million Russians are Muslims and have been so for 1200 years, without an inquisition or daily media speech of hatred towards them.

3- Europe and the West are generous and receive the masses of refugees: False, in the top 10 countries which receive refugees in the world, only 1 western country appears (Germany with 1 million people in 2014-2015 ). Once again, there is a big difference between perception and reality!

4- Islam is often associated with backwardness in Muslim countries and secularism would be the way for scientific progress: False! Iran and Turkey rank among the top 20 in scientific research (+6 positions ahead of Israel). Iran even appears in the top 20 countries that file innovation patents and despite 41 years of sanctions and Israel that we are presented as the regional example to follow, is not one of them. Also, the majority of secular countries are underdeveloped, a simple Wikipedia search for ‘secular states’ can prove it.

5- Women are oppressed in the Muslim world: False! If we take another example such as property, women in Sweden had the right to property and inheritance less than 300 years ago! Women in Islam have had this right for 1400 years and without having to have the permission or consent of the husband. The first university in the world still in activity founded in Morocco by a woman (2 centuries before the University of Bologna in Italy). Also, countries with a strong Muslim component have had prime ministers or even female presidents, I am thinking of Pakistan for example. France has never had a woman president, and in the CAC 40 only a woman sat as CEO (Isabelle Kosher) and it was less than 4 years ago. So why are we forgetting these examples?

I have dozens of such examples in my mind, and what always intrigues me is how people don’t think about these counter-examples? How is it that the system has been so successful in corrupting people’s vision that they don’t even ask these questions anymore and navigate the world with wrong mind maps, with all that that implies in terms of decisions, political, economic and personal choices.


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