How the Media Determine How We See the World? #Modern_Media_Warfare

Is this the new Aladdin 2019 movie? 😉

Recently, oscar winner Rami Malek refused to play Arab terrorist in new James Bond 25 and ruled out being cast as a religious fundamentalist or ideologically-driven villain. Indeed, countless movies, media programs have portrayed Arabs (and muslims in general) as loathsome lechers who terrorise, murder, and finally die in droves.  We need to rediscover back the great work of some great scholars like Edward W. Said and Jack Shaheen exposing in fascinating detail this appalling side of the Hollywood and mainstream media defamation machine to understand in a descriptive well documented fashion how the entertainment is not value free, but enforces a specific image with some undeclared political motives and agendas.

Said, E. W. (2008). Covering Islam: How the media and the experts determine how we see the rest of the world (Fully revised edition). Random House.

At the present time, i’m reading a great book called « l’islam imaginaire – The imaginary islam » written by  Thomas DELTOMBE and studying more than 40 years of mass media content in France portraying the muslim world in a very negative fashion to justify the policy of France toward it’s previous colonies and minorities. It’s the role of media experts, scholars, marketers to understand how this image is being built. Then, it’s the role of the political scientists, theologians, thinkers to reflect about the real motives of those who promote these mental constructions. 






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