In praise of Evidence Based Research: How even Top Tier university researchers are getting mistakes published & reviewers not spotting it

Professor Andrew Gelman presented at the 7th ESRC Research Methods Festival, 5-7 July 2016, University of Bath

Using previous research is important, but do we ever aknowledge that many studies even published in top journals, by top tier researchers are never replicated, contains errors of analysis not spotted by reviewers, may contain false positives or negatives (Error type I & II) but we seem to forget all of that.

In this presentation we have some examples of Pr. Gelman confirming some of the misuse or bad analysis published. The culture of publish or perish is pushing towards an abnormal rate of scientific production and quality, control and time to weight and ponder about research is no longer available. In a recent article some researchers argue and the defend the idea that we must stop producing any new research before doing what they call « evidence based research » to ensure if we have already searched ALL the previous research and stop wasting financial, human ressources and time in conducting the same research or not using systematic reviews. They published a join statement calling for a more efficient research that uses wisely the available ressources.

Read the statement:  

Lund, H., Brunnhuber, K., Juhl, C., Robinson, K., Leenaars, M., Dorch, B. F., … & Chalmers, I. (2016). Towards evidence based research.

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