Teaching or using qualitative text analysis? here is a great free tool for that #VoyantTools #DigitalHumanities

Hi everybody!

I want to introduce to you a great tool i’ve discovered some weeks ago for marketing teachers doing qualitative research or doing an introduction to text analytics. The tool was developped by McGill university. It’s a free web based ressource, very rich and allowing you to teach your students the word clouds, doing the KWIC (identify a word within a context), compute word associations, create word networks, monitor the evolution of the keywords used in the corpus, etc … it’s a great ressource for research, teaching and for the projects they have to do (analyse a brand discourse, verbatims, a website, etc)  it’s also able to use many languages (French, English, Arabic, etc.), and analyse many documents at the same time (a book, a website, etc).

This is the link for the website : https://voyant-tools.org

Test it by yourself and enjoy! the tool is limitless 


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