The next big thing in analytics & Marketing research is about #Image_analytics #MSI

Images are much more easier to recall, catch attention, trigger emotions …. how can we catch their meaning when we have millions of them (selfies, pictures, brand content, etc) ? 

I share here a very impressive intervention about the image analytics presented by Marketing science institute. The social networks are becoming more and more visual (instagram, snapshat, etc) because 2/3 of the brain according to the author is dedicated to image processing, emoji and visual communications are the best proof that our mind is essentially visual. 80% of internet broadband is about videos, and content with images is probably much more important than text but we don’t have a reliable way to analyze it if we don’t have keywords or tags associated with each image. How can a computer understand what is the meaning of an image? and it’s content ?

The new generation of technologies offer the possibility to understand what is inside an image! facial, scenic, and logo recognition for example allow the brand to identify each time someone shares a consumption situation where their logo is being mentionned, the associations made with their brand, etc …. even videos can be analyzed and give more insights about negative Vs. positive evaluations, unexpected consumption situations, places where people use your products, brand ambassadors, etc …. this technology is truly fascinating ! This is probably the next big thing to happen! it’s not about text analytics and classical natural language processing, computers began to understand images and even interpret the situation and draw conclusions and associations from it.


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