#Method : Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) #Visual_Research

Source: Attri, Rajesh, Nikhil Dev, and Vivek Sharma. « Interpretive structural modelling (ISM) approach: an overview. » Research Journal of Management Sciences2.2 (2013): 3-8.

We all know classical methods of academic research, qualitative techniques, quantitative approaches with the natural toolbox of regression analysis, Analysis of variance (just a kind of regression flipped over, where the DV aims to compare means according to some categorical IV’s through the F ratio), Structural equations modeling (path analysis, etc). But what is Interpretive Structural modeling about?

It’s mainly a qualitative method aimed at building complex and integrative models composed from different factors, it’s a process made of several iterations looking for a stable, intelligible and graphical conceptualization.



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