How HR Managers Use Data Science to Manage Talent for Their Companies #Repost

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Data sciences can also be used by HR manager to create several estimates like the investment on talent pool, cost per hire, cost on training, and cost per employee. It provides better techniques for optimization, forecasting, and reporting.

By Yash Mehta, HeloTechnology.

Talent acquisition may sound a minuscule term to most of us who have never been on the other side of the table. But in reality, the entire process of hiring is way too time-consuming, expensive and employs a number of resources. Hiring managers are responsible for all the hiring processes taking place in an organization. They have to devise such plans that attract a large number of eligible candidates while creating an environment where candidates would prefer to stay.


Let us point out some of the challenges faced by the hiring managers:

  • Eligible Candidates: Hiring managers have the responsibility to find out the best fit for a particular position. On an average, there are around 250 resumes received for a single corporate position. If the job is posted through an online job portal then these figures scale up to around 4,27,000 resumes. These figures are just not mind-boggling but filtering candidates manually or through some filtering algorithm is another uphill task.
  • Demand and Supply ratio: With increasing number of job opportunities in the market candidates have become quite selective. They have various opportunities and they can easily reject a job offer if they find something more feasible and exciting elsewhere. Hiring managers have to jot down plans and create such marketing strategies that make the candidate stay. If a selected candidate drops off then again have to repeat the complete process and find a new replacement.
  • Tenuous relationship of hiring manager and recruiters: Sometimes the exact job requirements are not clearly communicated to the hiring managers. According to a survey conducted by ICIMS, 80% of recruiters think they have very good understanding of their job position while 61% of hiring managers believe that recruiters have moderate levels of understanding. This imbalance between both the parties is quite strenuous and creates a barrier for a smooth workflow.

Full paper here


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