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16 mai 2017

The Digital Marketing Revolution Has Only Just Begun #BCG

par marketingthema

Digital marketing presents a tremendous opportunity to engage consumers, but precious few companies have realized its full potential. That’s not to say companies aren’t trying. In the US, spending on digital advertising in 2017 is on track to surpass spending on television advertising. Globally, certain markets devote more than 40% of their media advertising budget to digital marketing, according to media company Magna.

But supersizing the digital-marketing budget is not enough. Successful companies are also transforming their ways of working. Classic marketing techniques—including broad segmentation, lockstep campaigns with multiple handovers, and marketing funnels through which all consumers move in tandem—have no place in digital marketing. If your company is still relying mainly on ways of working that served you well ten years ago, it is time to accelerate change.

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