Measured topics in academic marketing research based on #marketingscales_data


This is an analysis based on the scales available on by Brunner Handbook (April 2016). It’s a kind of broad view on the most measured topics. The data is based on more than 2669 marketing scales. This graphic do not pretend to be an exhasutive view of the state of the art, it’s a kind of proxy or trend to help people undestand what are the main topics of interest in marketing according to the the scales and concepts suggested.


In this co-occurence Map, we can see the ATTITUDE as the most central keyword and topic measured and it »s relationship to other central topics. For the advertising, we have 2 sub-networks: one related to classical advertising including TV and purchase, and a second network related to online advertising scales related to +/- word of mouth and likelihood to recommend. The brand measure is essentially related to loyality. And we have also a subnetwork of shopping motivations, values and orientations.


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